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How to Optimize your EasyPoker Experience

The EasyPoker app is still in, what we consider, a public beta.

By that we mean the app is certainly playable and awesome, but we’re still working around the clock to optimize and better the app and experience. And we are doing so with our users. Laying the tracks while driving the train, so to speak. 

But if you are planning a poker night and want to use EasyPoker there are some actions you can take to avoid potential hiccups in the app.

How to create and launch a game

If you have issues while starting a game, check out this video guide on how to create and launch a game.

Before you Start

Tip #1:

Make sure everyone is on a stable network connection. Bad wifi or internet connection won’t give you a great starting point.

Tip #2:

Make sure you and your friends know how to get a game going. It’s fairly simple, but we’ve made a guide should you need it. The most important thing to remember is that we are not ‘sit and go’. Players can not join a game that has already started – they need to be present in the game lobby when the game is launched.

Tip #3:

Free players can make a game of up to 3 players, and Plus+ members can host up to 12 players. Free players can join as many Plus+ tables as they want – only the host is required to have EasyPoker+.

Tip #4:

Tell your friends to stay in the app as much as possible. While it is possible to leave the app mid game and use your phone to do outer stuff, we see that this is oftentimes the cause for issues. Try not to ‘lock’ your phone as well.

We are of course working on a permanent fix.

If you encounter issues

If rebuy doesn’t appear automatically when a player goes bust, have that player open the in game settings and hit ‘sync table’. This should prompt the rebuy function and send a request to the host of the game.

If someone loses connection you should first have that player open the in game settings and hit ‘sync table’. If that doesn’t clear things up, try playing the current hand to the end, if possible. In most cases, things will sync when a new hand is dealt. If that still doesn’t help, or if you are not able to play the hand to the end, have the player force quit the app. When opening the app again, a pop up will appear with the chance to rejoin the table.

And if all else fails try logging out and back in.

Contact our Support

The EasyPoker support is also open around the clock, both on email and through the chat on our page.  

Hope this helps, and good luck on your poker night!

Ulrik, COO 

Ways to Cheat in Poker

Do not play the cards, play the people. That is one of the most important mantras of poker. A good bluff always beat bad cards. With one major exception. Cheaters beat everything. Unless they get caught.

We have taken a deep dive into some of the ways cheaters cheat in poker.

Marked Cards / Card Marking

When ‘marking cards’, you try to alter the cards in the deck. You will have a big advantage (doh’), when you begin to know the cards and its distinct alteration. Cards are normally marked with bents, dents or small cracks, so be aware of the condition of the cards.

If you are playing in a casino, cheaters will have a hard time playing with marked cards. Dealers, and state of the line casino cameras, are very focused on removing marked cards. BUT during a six year period Mihai Lacatos, a Romanian poker player, managed to cheat the casinos. Mihai used the card marking technique. 

In one week he swindled The Playboy Club in Mayfair, London for about 50.560,96 dollars. Mihai was eventually caught(31 March 2014), but out on bail, he continued to swindle casinos. So dodge Mihai if you meet him at a poker table.

cards poker cheater

Marked cards are more commonly found in privat games (home games, backyard games). Poker sharks might try to take advantage. Remember. If you cannot spot the sucker, you might be the sucker yourself.

Read more poker content and blogs here.

Poker Bot

There is nothing new about cheating in poker. When poker became digital. So did the cheaters. A poker bot is a program that is used to give the cheater an advantage. It gives them the opportunity to see all the cards. This was exactly what Russ Hamilton, who owned the Ultimate Bet poker site, did. Russ made a program that gave him an insight into everyone’s cards.

Russ was never arrested due to gray areas of cheating in that period of time.

There are also other ways that a bot can be used to cheat. In online poker, bots are used to calculate best case scenarios. Based on statistics, it knows when to fold, call or bet. Superior to any human. Look out for any account with the name: Skynet.

Therefore, be aware of playing online poker. If you cannot see them, you cannot call their bluff or spot their cheat. Sadly, in this case, convenience does come with a cost, – and if you are unlucky, a bot goes away with the pot.

Bottom dealing / Base dealing 

Buddying up in poker is not rare. Friends might ‘soft play’ at a game of poker to try to help the other and/ or avoid a big cash clash with each other. Unethical, yes. Illegal, no.

But there are other ways of cheating with a buddy. Bottom dealing is a way of stacking cards to ensure great cards for the partner in crime.

The technique is something that involves sleight of hand. The dealer doubles as a poker mechanic. He makes it look like he shuffles the deck in random, all while he stacks the deck. It is a dying art at the casinos, as it is something that casino cameras can catch. In home games it might still have a way of living.             

As poker continues to evolve into new platforms, cheaters will too. There are endless ways of trying to beat the game, but hopefully all cheaters will get beat in the end. At least you will know how to spot a cheater now.

EasyPoker makes it impossible to bottom deal, mark cards and hopefully make a skynet-like-poker-pro-bot. Until that time, enjoy a game of EasyPoker without the hassle of cheaters. But with plenty of bluffers.

If you want to read more from EasyPoker, then take a look at some of our other blogs.

Get EasyPoker for iPhone and Android here.

Gus Hansen – Poker Player Story

Gus Hansen went from being one of the best poker players of all time to losing over $20.000.000 and having to get a regular job as an accountant.

In this post you will learn about the life of Gus Hansen and get the whole poker story about the “Great Dane” and his ups and downs. 

Who is Gus Hansen?

Gustav Hansen, better known as Gus Hansen, is a danish professional poker player. He was born February the 13th in 1973 in Copenhagen. 

Gus Hansen is known for his extremely aggressive style of play, playing almost every hand he is dealt.    

Gus has won the World Poker Tour (WPT) four times since his debut in the beginning of 2002. In May the same year he won his first WPT which gave him $556.460 in winnings. This happened in the city of poker, Las Vegas, USA. 

Gus Hansen Portrait

The year after, Gus Hansen won his 2nd WPT in Los Angeles in a $10.000 No Limit Hold’em tournament (L.A. Poker Classics) bringing in $532.490. After that he won $25.000 in the “Bad Boys of Poker” special event. The same year he bagged $276,426 for coming in 3rd in the 2003 Hold’em WPT Championship Event.

Gus’ 4th and latest World Poker Tour victory was in 2004 where we ended up winning $455,780 in a heads-up game against Hoyt Corkins. The poker tournament was held in The Caribbean. Big players such as Daniel Negreanu, Bill Gazes and Chris Ferguson was also attending the tournament.     

In 2004 Gustav Hansen was admitted in the World Poker Tour Hall of Fame. Today he is the 5th most winning player at WPT with a total income of more that $4.000.000.

Early Life of Gus Hansen

Gustav was born in Copenhagen, Denmark. When he was a toddler his mom started calling him Gus. Since then the nickname has been stuck with him. Hansen was homeschooled for the most of his childhood, taught by his mom and aunt. 

Gus Hansen had to grow up quickly, as he had to take care of his smaller siblings when their parent were out working second jobs at night to make ends meet.

Gus Hansen backgammon -min

Before becoming the “Great Dane” of poker, Hansen played a lot of backgammon. He spend the whole summer before high school learning the game and strategies behind the board game. He actually ended up becoming one of the worlds best backgammon players at the time.

Gus was a very good student in school. Especially in mathematics. He was placed in advanced math classes in high school and ended up with straight A’s. His great results awarded him with several academic scholarships of which he used to attend University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC) with a degree in accounting. After all, math came easy to him.

How Gus Hansen got into Poker

During his time at UCSC Gus Hansen developed an interest in poker. He was invited to a private Texas Hold’em tournament held in a small dorm room. Despite that he had never played poker, Gus ended up winning the 8 player tournament. Gus Hansen’s roommates were amazed of how quickly he picked up the poker game and strategies to outplay them. This was the year of 1993.

After college Gus went back home to Denmark to serve in the military. Here he continued playing backgammon and poker during the down time. He played Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Seven-card Stud and Razz poker.

In the year of 2000 Gus Hansen moved to New York to play backgammon professionally. Soon after he realized that he should spend his time on the poker scene. After that he entered every poker tournament that he could find.

Gus Hansen's college (UCSC)

His Biggest Win

The biggest win of Gus Hansen was in 2008. In a $25.000 WPT World Championship Event in Las Vegas, USA, Gus was at the final table heads-up against David Chiu. Hansen had a comfortable chiplead but still ended up losing against Chiu. Gus Hansen still won $1.714.800 for coming in second. This is still his biggest win to date (2020). Watch the dramatic final hand in the video below.


23 years after starting his professional poker career, Gus finally won his first World Series of Poker bracelet.

He got his bracelet by winning the 2010 No Limit Hold’em High Roller Heads-Up event at the WSOP. Other than winning the signature golden bracelet he bagged over $450.000 that day.

Private Life

Privately Gus Hansen has become known as a playboy. He has been seen dating various girl including the danish professional tennis player Caroline Wozniacki. At the time she was ranked as the best female tennis player.

In 2004 Gus appeared on People’s Magazine’s 50 Sexiest People. This further affirmed the playboy lifestyle of Hansen. Today it is still very unlikely to see Gus Hansen settling down with wife and kids. He really seems to enjoy the freedom of his lifestyle – who can blame him?

According to himself he is a very individual person not comfortable being in a long term relationship. That said he has been seen with the female Australian Poker Player, Lucy Lechich, on his instagram.

Where is Gus Hansen Now?

Gus Hansen’s last major performance was at the 2012 Aussie Millions $250,000 No Limit Hold’em Challenge. Here he did make it to the final table but ended up losing against Patrik Antonius and Phil Ivey. This was not too big a disappointment as he still won $820.000 in cash prize.

After that Gus has been struggling playing the big live poker tournaments. In an interview with Poker News he said “I think every competitive player has to question himself at some point and ask “has the game surpassed me? Am I rusty? Am I not good enough in this game anymore?” I’m asking myself questions and that keeps me up at night”.

Gus kept winning small games but it was not enough to financially support himself. He also performed poorly in online poker losing up to $20.000.000.

In an interview with a danish paper he said “It’s the same game and the same opponents. But when you sit in front of a screen you cannot see your opponent, you just have to push some buttons. And there I just have to state that I am not great.”.

Gus Hansen Online Poker

After that Gus Hansen got a regular job as an accountant and completely left the poker scene. But the 9 to 5 lifestyle is very different from the exciting rush of the poker player lifestyle.

That’s why he stepped out of “retirement” a couple of years later. He started playing small tournaments and is now, once again, able to finance his life from poker. He currently lives in Monaco in the south of Europe and travels around the world playing poker.

Are we missing something? Then please post a comment or reach out to us.

Top 5 actors who play poker

They can act themselves out of any situation. They are masters in the art of acting – and bluffing. Be at a lookout, because these are the top five actors who play poker.

5. Tobey Maguire

The 44 year old actor is a heavy-weight in Hollywood. He has shined in movies such as Spider-Man (2002), Brothers (2009) and The Great Gatsby (2013).

His movie career aside, Tobey has also had much success at the poker table. He has played since 2004 and is rumored to be a tough opponent online as well as offline. Perhaps his spider tingle helps him out when the cards are not in his favor.

4. Aaron Paul

Aaron Paul actor pokerBreaking Bad (2008) and El Camino (2019) star Aaron Paul has won several games and has even faced off against football legend Cristiano Ronaldo.

Aaron has even played in the World Series of Poker (WSOP) in LA more than once.

3. Ben Affleck

Superstar Ben Affleck is a true pokerstar. He often appears in poker tournaments.
He is a tough opponent, but is known to be pleasant and forthcoming at the tables
(Who wouldn’t want to play against affleck).

The actor won The California State Poker Championship back in 2004 – he has since
shined in movies as well in the game we all love and cherish.

2. Matt Damon

The star of the poker-movie Rounders (1998) doesn’t just act the poker life. He lives it.
Matt has ever since the movie, made himself known and respected within the poker society. He is a role model for the game and for everyone who wants to play it.

1. Neymar

Neymar actingYou do not need a big screen to become an actor. Neymar is renowned for his skills with a ball – but also for how often he acts (injured) on the field. However, when it comes to poker, the footballer does not play around.

Neymar has played in both The World Series of Poker and The European Poker Tour Barcelona. 


You should check out the EasyPoker app if you like poker. If we forgot an awesome actor then please send us your feedback.

Poker Movies you Need to Watch (Top 5)

We (the EasyPoker team) have created a top 5 list of what we think are the Best Poker Movies ever made. A
favorite pastime of ours is watching poker movies. So pop some popcorn and enjoy the bests of bets and bluffs and watch with your fellow movie buffs (That rhymed. Unintentional.).

5. Oceans 11 (2001)

By Steven Soderbergh

The ratpack remake of the 1960’s movie of the same name, is a fast-paced American heist
movie – spiced with a dose of great one-liners such as: “We’re in Barney. Barney Rubble.
Trouble!”. Poker is far from the   main-theme, but as the team hits the tables, we are introduced to
a world of gambling and the shiny lights of Las Vegas. This gives Oceans 11 a top five spot on our favorite poker movies list. 
A favorite scene of mine is when Brad Pitt and George Clooney try to hustle a few ‘rookies’ in a
game of poker – that the rookies are portrayed as their real self actors, makes the scene even
more enjoyable to watch.

Starring: George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts and oh so many other top notch actors.
IMDB: 7.8 (That’s pretty damn high)

4. Maverick (1994)

By Richard Donner

Mel Gibson is the slick gunslinger and poker player, Bret Maverick. When the submission for

a poker tournament is too high, Maverick finds himself in a desperate need of money. Throw
in a charming thief, high-pursuit horse chases and Maverick’s funny attempts of hustling
money and you’ll find yourself with one heck of a good poker movie.

Starring: Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster and James Garner.
IMDB: 7.0 (A highly enjoyable watch with a great rating)

3. The Cincinnati Kid (1965)

By Norman Jewison

A modern David vs. Goliath, as a young and up-and-coming poker player tries to prove himself
against the champ. Steve McQueen aka. The Cincinnati Kid goes head-to-head with Edward. G.
Robinson aka. Lancey Howard.
Women can’t resist him, men want to be him and poker players can’t call his bluff. It’s a
world of no limits and the Cincinnati Kid is taking it all, one game at a time. Working his way
up to the high-stakes table, Lancey Howard will see if the Cincinnati Kid is “all bark and no

Starring: Steve McQueen, enough said.
IMDB: 7,3 (An old dog can still learn you new tricks).

2. Casino Royale (2006)

By Martin Campbell

It seems as if tomorrow never comes with the dashing 007 Bond, James Bond that is. The
saga continues with Bond finding himself in the middle of high-stakes poker game. His
adversary is the always brilliant Mads Mikkelsen playing the “ball-crushing” Le Chiffre aka.
Mr. Number/The Cipher. Hot women, dry drinks and a poker movie that combines the best of
action with the intensity of calling someone’s bluff in a game of poker. All in all Casino Royale gets the second highest spot on our best poker movies list.

Starring: Daniel Craig, Judy Dench and Mads Mikkelsen.

IMDB: 8.0 (Chuck Norris doesn’t even score that high. Joke, of course he does).

1. Rounders (1998)

By John Dahl

This classic is old but gold and definitely deserves the top spot on our best poker movies list. The book smart, law-grad Mike McDermott (Matt Damon) gets
reunited with his, just prison released, best friend Worm (Edward Norton). When Worm
lands himself in some trouble, Mike has to return to the table to save his friend in a game of
poker. The movie devotes its love to poker, seen through the eyes of two young punks who
risk everything with the cards they are dealt.
It breaths poker in every sense and you feel the intensity rise with the flop, the turn and the
river. The movie is voted the best poker movie on IMDB as well, so trust the numbers.

Starring: Matt Damon and Edward Norton.
IMDB: 7,3 (Old but gold. Rounders still got it).

What do you think? Please let us know in the comments if we missed a great movie. Have a good time watching!

Poker Drinking Game by EasyPoker

Up for a poker drinking game? Of Course you are, why else would you be here reading this? Here are the official rules for the EasyPoker drinking game (texas hold’em). This poker drinking game will get your buzz going in no time. Enjoy! 

Poker Drinking Game // Basic Rules

To play the EasyPoker drinking game you must be at least two players. You’ll need a poker set or the EasyPoker poker app in order to play face to face poker. Get EasyPoker for iPhone or Android.  

Okay, let’s get started! Other than a poker set you’ll need:

  • Beer (or your favorite beverage)
  • A loser shot or beverage 

You must drink every time you Fold or Lose a Hand. When a player goes Bust (aka. lose all chips) he or she will have to drink the loser shot or the whole loser beverage. That’s pretty simple.  

Special Events

Other than the basic rules for our poker drinking game, you must drink according to the events listed below. We guarantee that you will be drunk in no time!   

Ace of Spades in the Community Cards:
Cheers! Everyone takes a sip.

Winning with a pair of twos (deuce):
The winner can point out any player to take an extra sip. 

Split pot:
All players involved must finish their drink. 

3 in the Community Cards:
Make a 3-2-1-GO countdown and point to a player. The person who gets the most fingers pointing at them drinks.   

Winning with a bluff/high card:
Everyone takes a sip (except the winner).

A Queen in the Community Cards:
All women must drink. (Bonus: if no girls are playing then make a countdown and point to a player. The guy with the most points drinks.) 

A King in the Community Cards:
All men must drink.

When a player goes All In:
Drink! All players must take a sip.

Winning with a Pocket Aces:
The whole table (including the winner) must finish the rest of their beverages. Cheers!


7 Poker Podcasts You Need to Listen to

Looking for some interesting poker podcasts to listen to? Then you have come to the right place. We (the team behind EasyPoker) have created this list with our 7 favorite poker podcasts. Our goal is to update the list every month. 

Red Chip Poker Podcast

By Red Chip Poker

The Official Red Chip Poker Podcast focuses on coaching poker on the go. The podcast will learn you new plays and awesome concepts from some of the best coaches Red Chip Poker has to offer.  

Listen to The Red Chip Poker Podcast here.

Just Hands Poker

By Jackson Laskey & Zach Resnick

This is personally one on my favorite poker podcasts. The podcast give their listeners the opportunity to get under the skin of real life high stakes poker players and how they discuss and analyse poker hands. Just Hands wants to give professional insights that up and coming poker player can implement into their own game.

Listen to Just Hands Poker here

The Breakdown

By The Poker Guys

In this poker podcast Grant and Jonathan breakdown big time poker hands and strategies. The podcast comes out twice a week and helps aspiring poker players to really understand the big game. 

Listen to The Breakdown here.  

Full Contact Poker

By Daniel Negreanupoker podcasts

Also one of my favorite poker podcasts – Mainly because of Daniel.
Although this is not 100% about poker (occasionally hockey stuff are mixed in) it’s still very interesting to get Daniel Negreanu’s perspective on breakdowns of hands, poker news and the poker game in general. 

Listen to Full Contact Poker here.  

Top Pair

By Bruce Briggs & Robbie Strazynski

This podcast is, unlike most poker podcasts on this list, 100% home game themed. The podcast features lots of fun stories and interviews – all about the excitement of the home poker game. 

Listen to Top Pair here.

Smart Poker Study

By Sky Matsuhashi

Sky Matsuhashi’s mission is to make you a better poker player through simple and effective play and study strategies. I think Smart Poker Study is a really interesting poker podcast with easy to swallow content, strategies, analysis and interviews. 

Listen to the podcast here.   

The Postflop Poker Podcast

By Merv Harvey

The Postflop Poker Podcast offers insights and learnings that can be taken on by everyone. The podcast aim to improve your overall game and learn you how to take new plays and concepts directly to the poker table.

Listen to the podcast here.

Are we missing your favorite poker podcasts?

Then please leave a comment (or mail) telling us about the podcast and why it’s missing on our list!

A Digital Poker Table

Are you ready for the digital poker table?

Tech is changing everything. And now it’s changing how we play poker in the traditional casino. At least that’s the vision of the company ‘Jackpot Digital’. Their new digital poker table enables up to ten players to play texas hold’em. They call it Jackpot Blizz.

Digital Poker Table

Jackpot Blizz’s digital poker table features an 84-inch 4K resolution touch screen. The table supports gestures we know from online poker. I have not tried it yet but it looks very intuitive. Take a look for yourself.

The whole experience is virtual. The cards are dealt by the computer. You see your cards, call, bet and raise by tabbing on the screen. Seems cool. 

Gimmick or Solid Tech

Jackpot Blizz’s digital poker table has both pros and cons. It’s perfectly designed for cruise ships and small casinos. It has a faster gameplay, needs no dealer and it is impossible to cheat. But will this be enough to replace the traditional poker table or is it just a gimmick?  

Are Digital Poker Tables the Future?

Personally I really enjoy playing poker in a casino. Interacting with other players and the dealer, feeling the cards and playing around with the chips makes me feel like James Bond. It’s something that I can’t do when playing on my phone or computer.

I don’t see Jackpot Digital’s digital poker table replacing traditional poker anytime soon. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have a place in the market.

When we created EasyPoker we weren’t trying to replace traditional poker or even online poker. We simply wanted to make face to face poker more accessible in spontaneous situations. Allowing poker fans to play a game of social, face to face poker – anytime, anywhere.
The social experience of traditional poker, with the convenience we know from online poker.
Therefore, we can certainly appreciate Jackpot Digital’s attempt to shake up and rethink the way we play poker. 

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Poker Facts You Probably Didn’t know

We all know that poker is an awesome game that connects people all around the world. At the EasyPoker headquarters we love poker but we don’t really know much about the origin of the poker game. Therefore we decided to do some research (and a little math) to bring you the best, most interesting, and fun poker facts. Have a great read!

1. Biggest win ever

Our first poker fact is about the professional poker star Antonio Esfandiari. In 2012 Esfandiari won $18,346,673 in the WSOP Event 55. This is the biggest official win of a poker tournament. Ever. That’s a lot of money.   

2. Longest game of poker

One of the craziest poker facts is about a really long game of poker. Actually the longest game in history. Some unverified sources claim that a poker game once ran for 8 years, 5 months and 3 days. Apparently the game was held in a small theatre called “Bird Cage Theatre” located in Tombstone, Arizona.

Another source confirmed by the Guinness book of world records, claims that the longest game of poker ran for over 14 years. This happened at the Dun Glen hotel in Thurmond, West Virginia.

3. Up for a game of poque?

The first people to play poker was the french residents of New Orleans. They called the game poque. Poque quickly became very popular among the english speaking settlers, which evolved the name to poker.

4. Largest poker tournament in history

Not all poker facts are as crazy as this one. The largest poker tournament in word history was an online event with 253,692 participants. The tournament was hosted by PokerStars UK and had a 10,000 US dollar price. In the end an Austrian man won after having played 470 hands. It’s really crazy when you think about it.

5. Ace of Spades

You might have noticed that the Ace of Spades card is different from the rest of the bunch. It actually stems from the 17th century. Back then laws required the Ace of Spades to bear the insignia of the printing house. This has later become a tradition that most printing houses still follow. This fact is so odd that it really deserves a top spot on our list of the greatest poker facts.   

6. Royal Flush is more common than you think

Most people and websites claim that the chances of getting a royal flush is 649.740:1. But it’s actually “far” easier. The 649.740:1 odds is based on a five cards game. But in a 7 card game like Texas Hold’em the chances are 30.931:1. Told you we would do some math for you.

Poker facts rock

Now you’re filled up on cool and unusual poker facts. Casually tell people these facts at your next poker game to appear cool and smart. And hey, if you want to play face to face poker on the go, then please check out the EasyPoker app

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Poker Hands Ranking Guide

Poker is a well known game using 52 playing cards. But it’s not always clear to me which poker hands are the strongest. Therefore I’ve made this guide to mainly help myself and maybe you.

The cards are divided into 4 suits of 13 ranks each. The four suits are Clubs, Hearts, Spades and Diamonds. Traditionally, clubs are listed as the highest of the suits, but officially they all have the same rank in poker. 

Aces, poker hands ranking  

Poker ranks from highest to lowest

When playing a game of poker, the highest card is Ace (A). The lowest card is Deuce (which is the card with the number 2 on it). Here is the full list of the 13 ranks listed from highest to lowest. 

high to low, poker hands ranking

Poker Hands Strength (Highest to Lowest)

I have listed the strongest hands from the highest Royal Flush to the high card standard. But remember; you never play the hand, you play the man.

1. Royal Flush

Royal flush is hands down (no pun intended) the ultimate poker hand. It contains the cards A, K, Q, J and 10, all of the same suit. But don’t get your hopes up. The odds of you getting a Royal Flush is 649,739 to 1. That’s the same as a probability of 0.000154%.

straight flush, poker hands ranking

2. Straight flush

The Straight Flush is like the Royal Flush, except that it doesn’t have to contain the 5 highest ranking cards. That means that the odds of you getting a Straight Flush is simply 72,192.33 to 1. Easy. 

Straight flush, poker hands ranking

3. Four of a Kind

Four of a kind is a pretty good hand. Maybe that’s why it’s ranked as the third best hand in poker? It must be. The hand consists of four of the same cards. Oh, like a book in “Go fish”? Now I get it.

Four of a kind, poker hands ranking

4. Full House

I know what you’re thinking. But a Full House has nothing to do with the classic TV series with the amazing Olsen twins. Been there, done that. A Full House is a poker term that means you have a pair and three of a kind, at the same time. Pretty crazy actually.

Full House, poker hands ranking

5. Flush

Even though this poker hand is given the name of a visit to the toilet, the flush has nothing to do with shit excrements. The flush consists of 5 cards of the same suits.  

flush, poker hands ranking

6. Straight

(Insert gay joke here). A Straight is five cards of sequential ranks like 2-6, 7-J or 10-A. Be aware that Aces (A) can be both the highest and lowest card in a Straight.

Straight, poker hands ranking

7. Three of a Kind

Andy Warhol once said “One’s company, two’s a crowd, and three’s a party”. I’m not sure he was talking about poker, but damn, he was right. The Three of a Kind poker hand consists of three cards of equal rank. The chances of you having a Three of a Kind poker hand is 46.3 to 1. So it’s definitely not impossible to land this dreamy threesome.  

Three of a Kind, poker hands ranking

8. Two Pair

You know that awkward double date where your girlfriend wants you to be best friends with her girlfriends boyfriend? That sucks, especially because her boyfriend has that weird thing or don’t play poker. Luckily, Two Pairs in poker is awesome. The hand consists (funny enough) of two cards of the same rank, plus two other cards of the same rank.

Two Pair, poker hands ranking  

9. One Pair

One pair is pretty simple. You just have to have two cards of the same rank. Even my three legged blind dog can pull that off. 

One pair, poker hands rank

10. High Card

Are your poker hand so weak that it didn’t meet any of the above requirements? Then I would probably just kill myself. Or you can use the High Card rule. Simply just pick out the person with the highest card in the rank from Deuce (2) to Ace (A). And there’s your winner. 

High Card, poker hands ranking guide 

Face to face poker on the go?

Poker is a fantastic game. And now you know pretty much everything there is to know about the poker hands you can play! So why not do a field test?

We’ve created an awesome and free poker app that lets you play face to face poker with your friends anywhere, anytime!

So, we all know and love how poker was originally meant to be played. With friends and foes, face to face, at a table full of crisp cards and booming piles of chips. And we love to do that whenever we can.

But what if you just want to play a spontaneous game of poker with your friends on the go? Say at boring social events, on a long train ride, at the office or in line for a concert? No one cool walks around with a full poker set on them at all times. You may be able to gather half a deck of playing cards – but poker chips? Come on, man.
This is when you make desperate decisions and start using anything from broken matches to rolled up paper as chips. Stop. Right. Now.
We’ve got you.

Unlike other poker apps out there, EasyPoker mimics a real life game of face to face poker. With our app, you play against friends in the same room – not shady avatars from strange countries like “Asabajadar” – whatever that is.

Do you need to connect a credit card? No. A real life poker set doesn’t come with a credit card solution, so neither does EasyPoker.

EasyPoker really is the easiest way to play a game of face to face poker – anywhere, anytime.

The poker app you and your friends have been waiting for – and we think you deserve.

Click here to download the free app from the App Store or Google Play Store!


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