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The Team

The “pokerneers” building a new type of poker app based on the social experience, that allow friends to connect through poker.

Robin Heilskov
Robin Heilskov


Ulrik Hunskjær
Ulrik Hunskjær


Tobias Eberhard
Tobias Eberhard


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How the EasyPoker Idea Came to Life

The idea for EasyPoker started way back on a trip to an isolated cottage house. One evening we wanted to play poker, but we did not bring a poker set on the trip. 

As the digital savvy’s we are, we went on Google to find a digital solution to our problem – but there was none. Really? The world’s most popular card game has no digital solution for live games? 

We ended up using an old deck of cards and snapped in half matches as chips. It was not the poker night we had hoped for – but it started a spark that would eventually end up as the EasyPoker app.  

EasyPoker Team

Connecting Friends though Poker

Fast forward a couple of years, and EasyPoker has now facilitated millions of poker games among friends.

Our focus has always been to connect friends through poker, and we keep that in mind every time we add a new feature.  In early 2020 the pandemic hit the western world. Overnight we started getting hundreds of emails daily, asking for online social distance features in EasyPoker.

This made us realize how big an impact poker has on millions of people when it comes to socializing.  We then pivoted from only hosting live poker games, to also facilitate online poker nights with friends. We made it easy to share and connect tables, added voice chat and optimized the interface for a better “social distancing” experience. Check out our live demo below.

Lets Make Poker History

We’re on a mission to change how poker is played. We get thousands of new players every week, and we need talented people to help develop and maintain EasyPoker. Shoot us an email with your application and we will get back to you.