Private Table Poker App

This is how to create your own private poker table and play poker with friends.

Private Table Poker App

This is how to create your own private poker table and play poker with friends.

How to host your own Private Table

EasyPoker is a private table poker app that connects you with friends and family. You only need your phone to get going. Setting up a private table is so simple that even your grandparents will know how to do it. 

See our video on how simple it is to get started with your digital poker home game.

Private Table Poker App

Create your Table now

The EasyPoker app gives you and you friends unlimited private poker games.
Yes, unlimited – have fun!


The private table poker app you’ve been waiting for. Create a game as easy as pushing a button. No need for chips, cards or a physical table. You just need your best friends.


Tell the three to six digits game code to your friends out loud. They’ll just have to enter the code and then you’re ready. Tab on their faces to arrange order. It’s simple.


Now you’re ready. Just press “launch game” and your private game of poker is live. All for free!

Private Table Poker App

Looking for an app to play on private tables? Then look no further. The EasyPoker app lets you create a private poker table to play with your friends. Simple, fast, and free.

What’s more exciting than playing poker? Not much, right? especially when played face to face with your best friends. The nervous look in their eyes when you raise the pot. The tells. The drama. It’s priceless. But poker has a huge problem – it’s not really something you can play spontaneously. Sure, you can launch a game of poker against random people from Russia, Brazil, and Azerbaijan (wherever that is). But it’s never the same as facing your opponent face to face.

Private table poker – made easy

Normally there’s no easy way to play a game of poker with your friends. You’ll have a find a poker set, a table, and arrange a whole night for the boys. And that’s fine if you have the time and don’t want to play poker right away. But what about when you’re out traveling, sitting around the campfire, at the beach, or in the bar? Poker is just not suitable for those situations.

That’s why we created EasyPoker. We needed an app that fast and easily allowed us to create a private poker table on the go. So we decided to build it.

A Digital Poker Set for your Pocket

We want EasyPoker to be the perfect substitute for the traditional poker set. This means you’ll get the same experience as traditional live poker and the convenience of digital poker.

EasyPoker is not just a normal poker app that allows you to create a private table. It’s so much more.

The app is designed to mimic the face to face poker experience. This means one hand gameplay, no table simulation, semi-automatic dealer, card peeking and much more. All for free and works for both iPhone and Android.

Check out our website for more info.

Get EasyPoker for Free

No need to take my word for it. Take EasyPoker for a spin yourself!