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Top Danish Poker Players

There is a lovely country. It is called Denmark. It is small, but it has had an historical impact of size and matter. Once the danes ruled the seas as vikings and in the year of 92, they won the European Championship in football. The danes have also proved themselves in something else. Poker. In this article we celebrate some of the four most influential danish players and the achievements.

Peter Nicolas Eastgate

Fortune favors the bold – and young. Peter was only 22 years old when he won the 2008 World Series of Poker Main Event Champion. It made him the youngest poker player to have ever won the World Series. He beat Pro Phil Hellmuth’s 19 year old record. Phil won at the age of 24.
Peter learned to play the game with his friends and had only played professional 2 years, prior to his major win. He took home an astounding amount of $9.152.415. Peter held the record one year until 21 year old Joe Cada won the very next year.

Danish poker players

Peter used his winning as any other 22 year old would. On having a good old jolly time with his girlfriend in Las Vegas. He admits that he did not do much to promote the game following his major win. Nevertheless. His win made history and threw Phil of the mantle. A new and young generation had arrived and it started with Peter.

Jan Vang Sørensen

As a former professional football player, this guy craves to win. Jan spent his early career as a footballer in the best football league in Denmark. A knee injury ended his career. He transferred his competitive ability to poker and stands tall as the dane with most won bracelets.

Jan won The World Series of Poker with PL Omaha in 2002 and 7 Card Stud in 2005. He began playing poker in the mid 70’s, so he has a long standing history with different iterations of the game. His favourite is 7 Cards. Jan is a fighter and a true testament to hard work, ability and dedication.


When reaching the final table, Jan never relied on mathematics. He always went with playing what he could see. The stakes, the cards, the players. He had at an interview in 2007 played roughly 50 final tables. Needless to say. He knows what he is talking about. His best live earnings is at an $800,972.He seems not to have been active in poker since 2013 when he attended The No Limit Hold’em – Main Event in Copenhagen and finished 12th.

Mads Mikkelsen “Le Chiffre” 

There are benefits of playing the part of the most despicable poker player in the world. Renowned danish actor took on the role of “Le Chiffre” opposite Daniel Craig’s depiction of “James Bond”. Mads Mikkelsen contributed to unfold the intensity of high stakes poker on the big screen. Sure, he might have had to break some balls (literally) getting there. There is no denying that the movie “Casino Royale” succeeded in using poker as the primary drive of the story. Each hand made it all more hard to watch.


The movie was released in 2006 and made $606,1 million in box office earnings. Sadly, 2006 was also when the poker boom was near its end. If it had to finish on a high note, Casino Royale and Le Chiffre did it justice. Just not enough to keep the boom booming.

Mads Mikkelsen was because of the storyline coached in playing the game. He took home his newfound knowledge and used it to win money from his friends. They were not so happy. He was.

A fun fact. Mads Mikkelsen appeared in a danish mockumentary called “Pokerface”(Danish: Pokerfjæs) playing ‘himself’ in a tour de force of five friends’ failure of trying to make it big with poker in the U.S.

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Gus Hansen “The Great Dane”

He is known as “The Great Dane”, but feared as “The Madman”. Gus is furious at the poker table. His way of playing is aggressive and sometimes bonkers. Nevertheless, Gus’ fearless personality has made him a force to be reckoned with. In the slipstream of televised poker tournaments and the poker boom, Gus became a great character and ambassador for the intensity of the game. Suddenly poker players became celebrities.

Whether Gus Hansen was cherished, loved, hated or feared, he was most of all respected. His influence was widespread. In Denmark he was a national hero and equal to Denmark’s celebrities. On the international scene of poker Gus was a superstar. Everybody knew him. A great ambassador for the mainstream perception of poker and further development of the popular game.


Just like Ikaros, Gus Hansen flew too high and got burned. His aggressive style of poker came with certain downsides. Gus has ended up losing more than he could afford. Millions of dollars in loosings have temporarily ended his once winning spree. At least he has a bracelet to show for it. In 2010 he won his first and only WSOP by winning the High-Roller No-Limit Hold’em Heads up Championship at WSOP Europe in london. He ended up bringing home $451,880.

Even if he is not as he once was, he is still remembered as dane who has had the most influence in promoting poker in Denmark. A true gambler and aficionado of our beloved game of poker.

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Gus Hansen – Poker Player Story

Gus Hansen went from being one of the best poker players of all time to losing over $20.000.000 and having to get a regular job as an accountant.

In this post you will learn about the life of Gus Hansen and get the whole poker story about the “Great Dane” and his ups and downs. 

Who is Gus Hansen?

Gustav Hansen, better known as Gus Hansen, is a danish professional poker player. He was born February the 13th in 1974 in Copenhagen. 

Gus Hansen is known for his extremely aggressive style of play, playing almost every hand he is dealt.    

Gus has won the World Poker Tour (WPT) four times since his debut in the beginning of 2002. In May the same year he won his first WPT which gave him $556.460 in winnings. This happened in the city of poker, Las Vegas, USA. 

Gus Hansen Portrait

The year after, Gus Hansen won his 2nd WPT in Los Angeles in a $10.000 No Limit Hold’em tournament (L.A. Poker Classics) bringing in $532.490. After that he won $25.000 in the “Bad Boys of Poker” special event. The same year he bagged $276,426 for coming in 3rd in the 2003 Hold’em WPT Championship Event.

Gus’ 4th and latest World Poker Tour victory was in 2004 where we ended up winning $455,780 in a heads-up game against Hoyt Corkins. The poker tournament was held in The Caribbean. Big players such as Daniel Negreanu, Bill Gazes and Chris Ferguson was also attending the tournament.     

In 2004 Gustav Hansen was admitted in the World Poker Tour Hall of Fame. Today he is the 5th most winning player at WPT with a total income of more that $4.000.000.

Early Life of Gus Hansen

Gustav was born in Copenhagen, Denmark. When he was a toddler his mom started calling him Gus. Since then the nickname has been stuck with him. Hansen was homeschooled for the most of his childhood, taught by his mom and aunt. 

Gus Hansen had to grow up quickly, as he had to take care of his smaller siblings when their parent were out working second jobs at night to make ends meet.

Gus Hansen backgammon -min

Before becoming the “Great Dane” of poker, Hansen played a lot of backgammon. He spend the whole summer before high school learning the game and strategies behind the board game. He actually ended up becoming one of the worlds best backgammon players at the time.

Gus was a very good student in school. Especially in mathematics. He was placed in advanced math classes in high school and ended up with straight A’s. His great results awarded him with several academic scholarships of which he used to attend University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC) with a degree in accounting. After all, math came easy to him.

How Gus Hansen got into Poker

During his time at UCSC Gus Hansen developed an interest in poker. He was invited to a private Texas Hold’em tournament held in a small dorm room. Despite that he had never played poker, Gus ended up winning the 8 player tournament. Gus Hansen’s roommates were amazed of how quickly he picked up the poker game and strategies to outplay them. This was the year of 1993.

After college Gus went back home to Denmark to serve in the military. Here he continued playing backgammon and poker during the down time. He played Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Seven-card Stud and Razz poker.

In the year of 2000 Gus Hansen moved to New York to play backgammon professionally. Soon after he realized that he should spend his time on the poker scene. After that he entered every poker tournament that he could find.

Gus Hansen's college (UCSC)

His Biggest Win

The biggest win of Gus Hansen was in 2008. In a $25.000 WPT World Championship Event in Las Vegas, USA, Gus was at the final table heads-up against David Chiu. Hansen had a comfortable chiplead but still ended up losing against Chiu. Gus Hansen still won $1.714.800 for coming in second. This is still his biggest win to date (2020). Watch the dramatic final hand in the video below.


23 years after starting his professional poker career, Gus finally won his first World Series of Poker bracelet.

He got his bracelet by winning the 2010 No Limit Hold’em High Roller Heads-Up event at the WSOP. Other than winning the signature golden bracelet he bagged over $450.000 that day.

Private Life

Privately Gus Hansen has become known as a playboy. He has been seen dating various girl including the danish professional tennis player Caroline Wozniacki. At the time she was ranked as the best female tennis player.

In 2004 Gus appeared on People’s Magazine’s 50 Sexiest People. This further affirmed the playboy lifestyle of Hansen. Today it is still very unlikely to see Gus Hansen settling down with wife and kids. He really seems to enjoy the freedom of his lifestyle – who can blame him?

According to himself he is a very individual person not comfortable being in a long term relationship. That said he has been seen with the female Australian Poker Player, Lucy Lechich, on his instagram.

Where is Gus Hansen Now?

Gus Hansen’s last major performance was at the 2012 Aussie Millions $250,000 No Limit Hold’em Challenge. Here he did make it to the final table but ended up losing against Patrik Antonius and Phil Ivey. This was not too big a disappointment as he still won $820.000 in cash prize.

After that Gus has been struggling playing the big live poker tournaments. In an interview with Poker News he said “I think every competitive player has to question himself at some point and ask “has the game surpassed me? Am I rusty? Am I not good enough in this game anymore?” I’m asking myself questions and that keeps me up at night”.

Gus kept winning small games but it was not enough to financially support himself. He also performed poorly in online poker losing up to $20.000.000.

In an interview with a danish paper he said “It’s the same game and the same opponents. But when you sit in front of a screen you cannot see your opponent, you just have to push some buttons. And apparently I’m not as great at that”.

Gus Hansen Online Poker

After that Gus Hansen got a regular job as an accountant and completely left the poker scene. But the 9 to 5 lifestyle is very different from the exciting rush of the poker player lifestyle.

That’s why he stepped out of “retirement” a couple of years later. He started playing small tournaments and is now, once again, able to finance his life from poker. He currently lives in Monaco in the south of Europe and travels around the world playing poker. But he is looking for a new home in Denmark. 

Becoming a Father

In Gus’ personal life everything seems to be going well. A danish newspaper recently interviewed Gus, and he told the news of his girlfriend being pregnant. 

In October of 2020 Gus Hansens girlfriend, Malan, gave birth. This has also been confirmed by Gus Hansen himself on his personal instagram.

Gus Hansen Kid 


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