Hosting a virtual poker game with friends is easy.

Whether you’re sitting apart, or in the same room trying to limit physical interaction, the EasyPoker app is perfect – and it’s free to download and play.

Getting started is quick and easy, just follow these 3 steps:

Virtual Poker Game with Friends

1) Download EasyPoker

EasyPoker is a digital version of the physical poker set you know and love.
The app provides both chips & cards for free and facilitates the entire game – all you and your friends have to do is just play your cards.

Virtual Poker Game with Friends

2) Create a virtual poker game with friends

EasyPoker lets you create a private poker table with a single tap on your screen.
Each table has a four digit game code, which your friends just type on their phone to join the game. We’ve made it extremely easy to share the game code directly from the app by simply tapping on it and choosing how to send it to friends. 

Once everyone is ready and in the game lobby, the host just tap to launch the table.
And that’s it – your virtual poker game with friends is now live. 

Here’s a quick video that shows how to get your game going.

3) Talk together while playing

For this to truly be a virtual poker game with friends you of course need to be able to talk together while playing. EasyPoker has a built-in voice chat feature, which works just like a group call. Voice chat is a premium feature and so while everyone at the table can listen in, only EasyPoker+ members can say something. You turn voice chat on and off in the in game settings that you access from the top right corner.

Using a tool like Zoom is of course also a great (and free) way to hang out virtually while playing. Zoom of course has video calls that allow you to see (and maybe read) each other while playing. EasyPoker and Zoom work great together, since EasyPoker is a mobile app meaning you can dedicate your computer to the video call and not have to switch back and forth. Having them separate also allows you to place and frame your computer how you want so we all avoid those awkward video calls starring the bottom of people’s faces and nostrils.

Virtual Poker Game with Friends

Virtual Poker Game with Friends

Poker is a great game and ideal when you and your friends want to hang out and relax.
With the EasyPoker app, you can have the classic experience of live, face to face poker even when you’re apart. 
And in case you or your friends need a brush up on the rules we’ve made quick a guide on How to Play Poker

If you have an idea for how we might make the experience even better, let us know in the comments below.