Looking for a poker drinking game? You’ve come to the right place!
Here are the official rules for the EasyPoker drinking game (Texas Hold’em). This poker drinking game is easy to get started and will get your buzz going in no time. Enjoy! 

Poker Drinking Game // Basic Rules

To play the EasyPoker drinking game you must be at least two players. You’ll of course need a poker set – but if you don’t have one, fear not. Just use the free EasyPoker poker app, which is a digital poker set, and allows you to play face to face poker with friends. EasyPoker is available for both iPhone and Android.

…You can also just tap here to download 👇

Get EasyPoker 

Okay, let’s get started! Other than a poker set you’ll need:

Beer (or your favorite beverage) 
A loser shot or beverage (We recommend tequila) 

You must take a sip of your beverage every time you Fold or Lose a Hand. When a player goes Bust (aka. lose all chips) he or she will have to drink the loser shot or finish the rest of their beverage of choice. Pretty simple.  

Special Events

Other than the basic rules for our poker drinking game, you must drink according to the events listed below. We guarantee that you will be drunk in no time!   

Ace of Spades in the Community Cards:
Cheers! Everyone takes a sip.

Winning with a pair of twos (deuce):
The winner can point out any player to take an extra sip. 

Split pot:
All players involved must finish their drink. 

3 in the Community Cards:
Do a 3-2-1-GO countdown and point to a player. The person who gets the most fingers pointing at them drinks.   

Winning with a bluff/high card:
Everyone takes a sip (except the winner).

A Queen in the Community Cards:
All women must drink. (Bonus: if no girls are playing just count down from 3 and point at a player. The guy with the most fingers pointing at him drinks.) 

A King in the Community Cards:
All men must drink. (Bonus: if no men are playing just count down from 3 and point at a player. The girl with the most fingers ponting at her drinks.)

When a player goes All In:
Drink! All players must take a sip.

Winning with Pocket Aces:
The whole table (including the winner) must finish the rest of their beverages. Cheers!

And that’s it! If you need a quick brush up on the rules check out this guide on How to Play Poker
Enjoy – and drink responsibly. 

For requests or chats please reach out to us.