They are masters in the art of acting – and bluffing. They are comedians, footballers, actors and proven players. Be at a lookout for these celebrities, as they are also masters of playing poker. These are some of the best celebrity poker players in the world.


The female actor voices Bonnie in the animated series, Family Guy. She has also featured in the horror movie Chucky and Modern Family. Her acting aside, Jennifter Tilly is the real deal when it comes to poker. She is a professional poker player and has attended The World Series of Poker numerous times.

Her best live cash is at a remarkable $158,335. She might be as famous in the world of poker, as she is in the world of acting.


The fast paced actor and comedian has propelled himself into becoming one of the highest earning comedians alive. His big personality makes up for his lack of height. He is featured in major movies such as the new “jumanji”- movies and “Get Hard” with fellow comedian Will Ferrell.

His fast talk makes up for some good trash talking at the poker table. He likes to play poker and is actually pretty good at it. Kevin is part of the PartyPoker-crew. His winning at the casino is currently set at $47,828. He finished at the top of the Event 1, No-Limit Hold’em $40,000 Guarantee in 2010 Lary Flynt’s Challenge Cup.


He was part of the iconic sitcom Seinfeld with actor and comedian Jerry Seinfeld. In the series he played the part of George Costanze, but in real life, he likes to play the part of a professional poker player. Jason won in the 8th season of The Celebrity Poker Showdown and this year he won another tournament. Both winnings from each tournament, went to a chosen charity. His best live cash is at $16,933.


You know her as the beautiful girl from the American Pie trilogy. In reality, she is a real femme fatale of poker. In 2005 she attended a special celebrity tournament in the World Series of Poker. 83 celebrities attended, but Shannon beat them all. She ended up winning the tournament at Caesars Palace in 2006.
She has since proven herself in other tournaments. She even described poker as her second career. 


Everybody loves Ray. Or at least they did in his award winning sitcom: “Everybody loves Raymond”. The funny 62 year old actor is still likable, but vicious at the poker table.
He often attends poker tournaments, amongst these, The World Series of Poker. His best live cash is currently set at $18,176. He likes to host poker games with his friends at home.


The 44 year old actor is a heavy-weight in Hollywood. He has shined in movies such as Spider-Man (2002), Brothers (2009) and The Great Gatsby (2013).

His movie career aside, Tobey has also had much success at the poker table. He has played since 2004 and is rumored to be a tough opponent online as well as offline. Perhaps his spider tingle helps him out when the cards are not in his favor.


Breaking Bad (2008) and El Camino (2019) star Aaron Paul has won several poker games and has even faced off against football legend Cristiano Ronaldo. They played heads-up at a special event. Cristiano Ronaldo is used to winning and he actually also ended up winning against the famous actor.

Aaron Paul has not lost courage. He has since played in the World Series of Poker (WSOP) in Los Angeles more than once.


Superstar and actor Ben Affleck is a true pokerstar. He is known for movies such as “Batman vs Superman”, “Gone Girl”, and his award winning movie “Good Will Hunting”, that he wrote and directed with his long time friend (and next up in the list) Matt Damon.

Ben often appears in poker tournaments.

He is a described as a tough opponent, but is known to be pleasant and forthcoming at the tables

(Who wouldn’t want to play against affleck).

The actor won The California State Poker Championship back in 2004 – he has since shined in movies as well in the game we all love and cherish.


The star of the iconic poker-movie Rounders (1998) doesn’t just act the poker life. He lives it.

The movie made a huge impact on the mainstream perception of poker. He made it cool. Shortly after, online poker and Chris Moneymaker cemented the poker-boom.

There is talk of a sequel. This is currently not confirmed.

Matt Damon has ever since the movie, made himself known and respected within the poker society. He is a role model for the game, the people and the love and lifestyle of poker.


You do not need a big screen to become an actor. Neymar is renowned for his skills with a ball – but also for how often he acts (injured) on the football field. However, when it comes to poker, the Paris Saint-Germain player does not fool around.

Neymar has played in both The World Series of Poker and The European Poker Tour Barcelona.

In 2015 he signed on as a PokerStars brand ambassador. His best live cash is currently set around $21,072.


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