Play social virtual poker with friends
without chips or playing cards.

Virtual Poker with Friends – No Chips or Cards needed

So you and your friends are looking for a digital tool to play your regular poker? Welcome home.

The EasyPoker app is a completely new take on virtual poker. Unlike the other online poker tools, we focus on the social experience of friends just playing poker. Our app is free to play, and you don’t buy virtual chips or anything. We facilitate private games, and so only your friends will be able to join in – no strangers. This is a digital version of the physical poker set.

You no longer need chips, cards or a table to play regular, live poker, face to face with friends – the app takes care of everything and so you just have to play your cards.

Free for both iPhone and Android. 

Virtual poker with friends

A Non-Sketchy Business Model

Other poker apps ask you to insert money on an account or require you to buy virtual chips for your real money. That’s the old way. We don’t.

Instead, we focus on creating the best free app for virtual poker with friends. And then, if you like the app, we offer an upgrade to EasyPoker+ membership which allows for more features and customization of your game.

We think this is the most transparent and fair business model – allowing you to try the app for free and only spend money if you like it and want to support the app.

Virtual Poker with Friends – How it Works

Hosting a game of virtual poker with friends has never been easier. In fact, we’ve spent months and months simplifying the experience of virtual poker – and we’ve got it down to just the most essential now. Simple and easy to use, but fast, powerful and with all the features you really need.

This is how you get a table going:

  1. Hit ‘Create New Game’ and get your 4 digit game code
  2. Your friends tap ‘Find Game’ and enter the game code
  3. Once everyone is in the lobby and ready, you launch the table
  4. Play poker. As many hands as you want. 

It’s that easy. Because we know you just want to play poker with your friends.

Simple and Clean – No BS

Our app has no complicated backstory of secret agents, no ads flashing on your screen and no wheel of chance or weird mini games you didn’t ask for.
We’re just a digital version of the physical poker set you know and love.

Our goal is simply to just facilitate virtual poker for you and your friends – and we do so by focusing on the user and what really matters to you.

In fact, we’re not just building this app for our users, but also with them. For this reason we are always keen to talk to you guys. Bugs, suggestions, love and advice – we wanna hear it all.

Feel free to reach out to us.

Thanks – now go play some virtual poker with friends.