A worldwide pandemic is upon us.

Like something out of a bad movie, the streets lay empty, shops are closed and toilet paper has become everything we thought crypto currency would be. The Corona Quarantine is here.

To prevent the virus from spreading we’ve all gone into a self imposed quarantine and social distancing is now a thing. But what sounded like a welcome holiday has now become a boring nightmare. You’ve seen everything on Netflix and are now desperate for something to fill your day. We’ve got you covered.
Here are 7 things to do in your Corona quarantine. 

1. Play Poker

Yep – big surprise – EasyPoker made our list.
EasyPoker is our brilliant new take on a poker app, allowing you and your friends to play a spontaneous game of face to face poker anytime, anywhere. No need for cards, chips or even a table. Think of it as a digital version of the classic physical poker set. Perfect for the Corona Quarantine.
It’s great fun – and a good way to be social without having to constantly think of new topics for conversation. 

This was always a great idea – but it’s actually even more relevant in these corona times.

Because, even though EasyPoker is a social game – you and your friends play it on each your phone. Regular physical poker has cards and chips shifting hands all the time – a regular virus orgie. EasyPoker allows you to play poker with your friends, while still keeping your government recommended six feet distance and not swapping physical items.

Even though EasyPoker is designed for live, face to face poker, we also see a lot of players these days who use the app combined with facetime or skype. While we would always recommend playing poker face to face, we understand that these times have friends and family seperated – and for good reason. So fire up a game of EasyPoker and text your friends the game code. A virtual game of face to face poker sounds so much more fun than counting the lines on your bedroom ceiling. 

There’s 651, by the way.

Corona Quarantine Poker

2. Read a Book

We bet there’s a long list of books you’ve wanted to read for the longest time.
But your regular, high paced, life really doesn’t leave much time to fully immerse yourself into a good book. And so you end up watching Netflix. It’s cool – no judgement. We’ve all been there.

But now is your chance to actually pick up those books – or audio books, for that matter.
The world has given you a short window where time has actually slowed down, not only in your life, but around the entire planet. This might never happen again in your lifetime.
Make the most of it! And save the binge watching of series to when your regular life resumes soon enough.

3. Exercise

This lockdown is no reason to skip on your exercise. In fact, this is probably some of the best things you can do to not go crazy indoors. Get that blood pumping, and burn off some energy (and snacks).
There are of course a ton of programmes online, but you can actually come a very long way with just the basics. Push ups, squats and sit-ups.
It’s that simple – and really effective.

If you have to go outside – turn that into a workout as well. Go for a long walk or a nice run. But remember to keep your distance.

training coronavirus

4. Meditate

Another thing you’ve always wanted to do, but that just doesn’t fit your regular busy schedule. Well, now is the time!

This will not only sharpen your mind, but benefit your body and strengthen your immune system. Again, you’ll find a ton of guides online but there are also some very cool apps that can help you. This is one of those things that you just have to get started with, and you’ll be hooked forever. And it requires little to no space – you can even do it from your bed.

5. Check up on Friends & Family

When something like this happens – we come together as humans. Figuratively speaking that is. Everyone is shocked and uncertain. So maybe reach out and let someone know you’re thinking of them. Try it – it’s actually addictive.
At the very least, it’s going to result in a nice catch up conversation.

It sounds flat, but knowing someone is thinking of you is a basic human need.
So pick up the phone, and reach out to friends and relatives. Spread the love.
Oh, and this is something that really shouldn’t be restricted to just times of crisis and quarantine.

6. Get into Cooking

We mean really into cooking. Find recipes and ingredients you haven’t tried before. Challenge yourself a little. Again, there are a ton of great sources for inspiration out there. Make something healthy, and ideally something that can help your immune system.

That being said, don’t focus too much on the result – enjoy the journey.
Put on some music, crack open a bottle of wine and pretend you know what you’re doing. Then you’ll be halfway there.

7. Get Freaky

We know – this isn’t exactly a hard sell. Most people are fans.
In fact, with the current worldwide quarantine, experts predict we’ll see a massive baby boom about nine months from now. Which means that, 13 years after that, we’ll have the so-called ‘Quaranteens’. 

But besides the obvious upsides, being intimate is also scientifically proven to boost your immune system along with your mood. So you’ll actually better your chances of staying healthy! 

There’s really no easier way to save lives.
Do it right, and you might not need the push ups and sit-ups after all. 

You’ll still need EasyPoker though. Everyone needs a break now and then.

Fortunately, we’ve made it super easy for you.
Just choose your app store and download the free EasyPoker app for live multiplayer poker with your friends.

Stay safe everyone! And remember that washing your hands is always a good idea – not only in times of virus and crisis. And always follow the corona quarantine guidelines from WHO.