Poker is a worldwide phenomenon. But as it has turned to digital, one of the most essential and intriguing parts of the game, the poker face, has gone missing. Poker should be played face to face. And calling someone’s bluff is hard when you cannot see them.

The EasyPoker app brings the best of poker and digital into the palm of your hand. A free face to face poker app, played anywhere, anytime with a bunch of your friends and those you dare challenge. We have made a guide to the most essential things you should consider to become the master of bluff.

5. Avoid Eye Contact

Do not give you the opponent the chance to analyze you. The eyes tell a lot when bluffing, but luckily you can fix that. A pair of sunglasses will disguise your intentions (If it works for superman, it will work for you).
You might look kinda douchey wearing sunglasses inside, but with EasyPoker you can bring poker with you outside – and anywhere else (Sorry about the shameless self promotion).

4. Talk or Don’t

Any tell-tell signs can be noticed in how you behave. If you talk a lot and then stop, well something might not be as it should. This could be your strategy, but be aware of how you act with good cards, as well as with bad cards. This will make your bluff hard to read. 
Emotions can show, but if you don’t talk, they might be hard to read and be in your favor.

3. Take your Time 

Don’t make any rash decisions. Take your time and bet upon the flop, the river and the turn. If your cards are great, then undermine your own superiority by slowly
increasing how you are betting. It all depends on getting your opponents to bet more than they can afford to lose.

If your cards are weak, your strategy might be to play more aggressively – although this might be where they call your bluff. Take your time and consider your next move.

2. Look at your cards once

One look is enough to know what you have. The cards given are a fact and out of your control. Most poker games are won by how you play your opponents. Looking at the cards more than once, can give them an insight in how you think. Play the opponent, not the cards.

1. Consistency is key

This is not a list of “dos and don’ts”, if making eye contact is part of your game, well then please do continue. The most important part is, that you keep whatever you’re doing, consistent. This will create an uncertainty in your opponent.

Good or bad, you keep it consistent. They will never know what you have got.