Server Status: PLAYABLE

20:56 CET (April 2nd): Amazon/GameSparks are still investigating the root cause and we are currently awaiting further action from them. However, the game seems playable, but we expect a higher frequency of connection issues than normal.

15:48 CET (April 2nd): Servers are up, but impaired. This means you can now create games but the connection is very instable. We do not recommend playing at this stage. We are still awaiting further action from Gamesparks/Amazon.

13:26 CET (April 2nd): Update from Gamesparks/Amazon: We have a number of customers waiting on root cause and will share it when we can.

12:30 CET (April 2nd): Still no update from Amazon.

07:24 CET (April 2nd): Gamesparks/Amazon status: The investigation into the root cause of the issue will continue today.

07:14 CET (April 2nd): Some features are back online again, but unfortunately not all messages are still not received by Gamesparks/Amazon.

06:39 CET (April 2nd): Gamesparks/Amazon confirms that their engine is not receiving messages from our system. They investegate.

05:04 CET (April 2nd): Issue found. Gamesparks/Amazon ia not receiving messages from our system.

23:41 CET (April 2nd): We contact Gamesparks/Amazon (our server provider) but they do not report issues on their side.

23:24 CET (April 1st): First bug report. We investigate.