Social Poker App

EasyPoker is your social poker app to play with
friends and family. 

Social Poker App

Social poker with friends is my favorite kind of poker. Sitting across your friends and calling their bluff is one of the most satisfying things. With the EasyPoker app you can play social poker with friends and family – anytime, anywhere. Our free app facilitates your whole game of poker and gives you everything from digital poker chips and playing cards to a professional dealer 👇  


Social Poker App to play with friends

We can all agree that poker is a fantastic game. The thrills, highs and lows really gets us going. But poker has a big problem: You need a tonne of chips, playing cards and a table. This means that social poker with friends and family is a totally rare thing. And who can blame us? No one walks around with a fully functional poker set at all times.

Until now!

EasyPoker is the poker app that facilitates poker among friends and family. All you have to do is launch the free iPhone and Android app and you’re ready to go.    

Poker App
For Poker on the go

EasyPoker let’s you play social poker
on the go with friends.


App Designed for the
Live Poker Experience

The EasyPoker app is designed to simulate the thrills of classic live poker. Therefore all cards are delt with the backside up. This means you can sit next to your opponent without having to hide your phone. EasyPoker is also ment to be played horizontal which makes it perfect for one hand gameplay.

Furthermore you will never have to buy poker chips. They are included in the game for free and you will never run out – even if you go bust. That’s cool right?

Please reach out to us if you have questions or just want to talk. No go play some social poker with your friends!