Recreational Poker

Recreational poker with friends in a free and simple app. 

Recreational Poker

Looking for a free app to play recreational poker with friends? We’ve got you! 
EasyPoker is a digital poker set that replaces your physical cards and chips so you can play poker with friends anytime and anywhere you want – whether face to face or playing online. And if your friends are busy – you can challenge others online. It’s fun and social recreational poker, so we have no gambling. 
Available for both Android and iPhone

Recreational Poker

Download EasyPoker for free

Play some recreational poker with friends – or app is free and gives you unlimited 
games, chips and cards for your poker night.

Recreational Poker

How it works 

Watch how we make it easy to play recreational poker with friends.

Recreational Poker

Recreational Poker with friends

EasyPoker is perfect if you like to play poker with friends but don’t want gambling. 
If you like to just play poker for fun while relaxing with friends, this app is exactly what you need. 
We designed it to feel exactly like physical poker, but you can play it whenter you and your friends are playing face to face or playing online from separate locations. 

This is a poker app without gambling. We want EasyPoker to be about relaxing and having fun with friends. And getting started couldn’t be easier. 

Create a private poker table with a single tap, and share the 4 digit game code with friends to have tem join. You just slide to deal some cards, and the app then takes care of everything. Our design is super simple and minimalistic – made to mimic the feeling of a physical poker night with actual cards and chips. It really is a digital poker set for your pocket, perfect for recreational poker. 

All of this makes EasyPoker the best app for recreational poker with friends – you can see more features here here

Recreational Poker
Recreational Poker

Designed for Recreational Poker

We made EasyPoker for players like ourselves. We’re not professional poker players or hardcore poker experts – we just like to hang out with friends and play some poker over a beer. That’s exactly what this app is about. 
EasyPoker is meant for recreational poker with friends, making it easy to play poker whenever you want, even when you don’t have cards or chips with you. We wanted a poker app that feels exactly like a physical poker night, and that’s exactly what EasyPoker does. 

Poker without gambling

EasyPoker is a poker app without gambling. You play for fun and to hang out with friends. This is a choice we made because we want it to be the best app for recreational poker. Players get to play poker and learn the game in a safe and fun environment  – with their friends. 
We give unlimited chips, cards and games so you don’t have to registrer a credit card to buy chips, diamonds or other nonsense. 
Instead, we offer an optional subscription that gives you access to extra nice-to-have features like more customisation. 

Recreational Poker

More great features

We wanted EasyPoker to be a different kind of poker app – that’s why we have a unique design & features.

  • Cross device play (iPhone & Android)
  • Clean and simple design 
  • No gambling – recreational poker only
  • Designed to be played face to face
  • A built-in poker tracker to help you get better
  • Awesome customisation to match your vibe
  • Vertical gameplay for that classic poker feeling
Recreational Poker

Face to face poker – anytime, anywhere

Leave your clunky poker set at home. EasyPoker is a digital poker set that fits right into your pocket! 
Now you can play recreational poker with friends exactly when you want – whether at school, at a party or around the campfire. 

This means spontaneous poker nights are now a thing. Just whip our the EasyPoker app, create a game and share the game code. The app takes care of everything and so it doesn’t get any easier. 

If you have any questions or want to know more about the project, please don’t hesitate to contact us

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Recreational Poker