Poker with Friends

EasyPoker’s app lets you and your friends play
poker against each other. 

Poker with Friends

Playing poker with friends is one of my favorite things to do. Looking in the eyes of my friends to analyze their tells, cold beverages and snacks all makes out for a great poker night. And the EasyPoker app takes out all the hassle. No need for chips, cards or a table.   


Poker with Friends- Anytime, Anywhere

Poker is the #1 card game of all time. But it has a huge problem. Playing live poker is a big hassle. You’ll need to plan a whole night weeks in advance, get a full set of poker chips, playing cards and a table big enough to hold all your buddies. Live poker among family and friends is essentially impossible to play spontaneously or on the go. 

Thats why we created the EasyPoker app. It allows you to play live poker among friends – no matter where you are or what smartphone you’re using. 

Poker on the go

Play poker with your buddies on the go.
See how in the video.


Designed as a Digital Poker Set

Not only does EasyPoker facilitate poker chips and cards, it’s also your personal dealer. The app makes sure the game runs smoothly at all times. No more waiting, counting and exchanging chips. All you have to so is slide the slider and watch the magic happen. 

All cards are dealt with the backside up which makes it impossible for cheaters to peak your hand. The app is vertical and built for one hand gameplay.

We built the app to simulate a classic poker set. This means that you never have to buy chips or play money using real money. You just launch the app and delegate the starting stack to all your friends. We all it plug & play poker.

You can download the app for free for Android and iPhone. Please reach out to us if you have feedback or functionality requests.