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Poker Now Alternative for Mobile

Poker Now is a great browser game with a fast setup for playing online poker with friends and family. But if you’re looking for a non-browser experience you might wanna check out EasyPoker.

EasyPoker is a free iPhone and Android app that allows you to play poker with friends and family, much like Poker Now. However, EasyPoker is a mobile-first platform meaning you don’t play using a browser.

Much like Poker Now, EasyPoker is focusing on the social experience with friends and family. The mobile game is welcoming all players from experienced to casual – and players completely new to poker.

✔️ Simple setup and welcoming gameplay
✔️ Free to play
✔️ Live voice chat
✔️ Customize table settings and designs
✔️ Up to 12 players 

poker now
Poker Now

How Easypoker works

EasyPoker focus on the social experience of poker. We created EasyPoker as a digital substitute for the classic silver case poker set. This means no casino-like atmosphere with sketchy characters. 

Instead you get a light and clean experience that’s so simple everyone can use it. Hosting a mobile first poker night has never been easier. Check out this video and see how you can host your next poker night with EasyPoker 👇

The original Poker Now was launched back in 2017 and allows you to create free poker rooms. The table host just needs to send the room link out and you’re ready to play. As of now (October 2021) the platform is still in beta.

Poker Now Alternative

If you’re looking for a “mobile first” alternative to Poker Now you should check out EasyPoker. The EasyPoker app is free and lets you create private poker rooms for up to 12 players. 

With EasyPoker you get a clean and simple mobile app with no clutter. EasyPoker lets you play Texas Hold’em and Sit & Go tournaments.

Furthermore it allows you to play Short Deck Hold’em and Reverse Hold’em – and you choose your own limits, blinds, reaction time and much more.

Poker Now
Poker Now

Poker Now vs EasyPoker

Both platforms are created by indie developers wanting to make poker easier to play. But there are some major differences to consider before you choose what platform you and your friends should use.


Poker Now is a browser game which has both pros and cons compared to the EasyPoker setup. A benefit of this is that browser games can publish bug fixes etc. much faster than EasyPoker, as we have to go through an approval process on the App Store and Google Play Store. 

The big con will be that the overall experience will be lacking when everything has to run in a browser – especially on mobile. EasyPoker is mobile only, which means we have no desktop version available. We publish on the App Store and Google Play store platforms which normally have an approval process of up to 24 hours. So a fix will take longer if we discover a non-server related bug.
On the other hand this approval process also makes sure that we live up to a high standard and can deliver a native and stable experience outside of the browser.

Design & interface

Overall both games are designed with the end user in mind and give a smooth experience when playing remote poker with friends and family. EasyPoker is designed from scratch with an all new design and way of thinking poker. This makes for an all new player experience, closer simulating a true live poker situation. We are really proud of how the interface works and our users appreciate the unique way of playing live poker.

The way you join a table is a bit different in the online browser game. With Poker Now you send out a link that players will have to tap to get into the game. On EasyPoker you get a 4 digit game code that players have to use to join the table. The game host can share the code to all social platforms, Messenger, WhatsApp etc. with a single tap. Or just by saying the game code out loud if you are playing physically in the same room.  


Both platforms are free to use – with optional purchases. With the browser game game you get all features 100% for free, but players are asked to consider donating on Patreon etc. With EasyPoker you get all the basic features for free. If you wish to take your experience a step up you can purchase an optional subscription that gives you the ability to rebuy, add custom table settings and more. 

Both platforms do not sell chips which I think is really good and the future of online social poker. 

When to use what platform 

The overall experience and user case might be a bit different. You might find the browser game more useful when you are sitting in the comfort of your own home with a computer. While EasyPoker is a portable version of a poker set, the app is great for travel and impulsive games – both online and live face to face. 


Open for feedback

Both apps are created the “lean” way, meaning we started with a very minimal version of the product and slowly added new features in collaboration with the users. 

I hope this gives a clear perspective of how EasyPoker can be an alternative to Poker Now. Hopefully you will join our growing number of players and enjoy the game.