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Play poker for fun 

Poker for fun – is there anything better?
Poker is a great game, and probably the most popular card game in the world. Most people know the basics of the game and it’s been played all around the world for over a century.

And for good reason. It’s easy to learn but hard to master, which means that you can keep playing and always get better, but never complete it. And it’s social too, ideal for socialising with friends.

But the raise of casinos, especially the online kind, has changed a lot of people’s perception of poker. Nowadays, poker is often associated with playing against strangers online, and gambling your money away. But that really isn’t the same as getting together with some friends, crack open a couple of beers and play poker for fun – face to face and without gambling.

Well here’s an app that allows you and your friends to create a social poker night anywhere, and play poker for fun. It’s called EasyPoker, and best described as a digital version of the physical poker set you know and love. Perfect for when you and your friends want to play poker for fun. And it’s free.


Poker For Fun
Poker For Fun

Back to playing poker for fun

A few years back, some friends and I spent the weekend at a vacation house and wanted to play some poker for fun. We didn’t have an actual poker set, so we ended up using snapped matches as chips.
Not ideal – and far from the James Bond poker feeling we had in mind.

Frustrated, we searched the app stores for an app to facilitate our game. But all the apps we found required us to register a credit card, and play for money against random strangers from all over the world. There really was no app out there for friends who just wanted to play poker for fun and needed a digital replacement for cards and chips.

So, instead of playing poker – and as the true nerds we are – we ended up spending most of the night designing the kind of poker app we wanted. Something simple but powerful, digital but social and most important of all; something that wasn’t gamling, but just poker for fun. This became EasyPoker – the only poker app to ditch the idea of gambling and instead focus on the social aspect of friends getting together to play poker for fun.

To get a feeling of our mission, check out this video we’ve made:

A digital poker set

We originally designed the EasyPoker app for those times when you and your friends are actually together and want to play some poker for fun, but don’t have a poker set on you. The idea of an app that recreates the exact feeling of physical poker became a mantra for us, and is the base of every design choice we’ve made.

A physical poker set doesn’t ask you to register a credit card – so neither does our app. If you insist on playing for money, you can – but you’ll just have to facilitate it outside of the app. That way you know our app is fair, and doesn’t favor any player in an attempt to drive more gambling. It is in our best interest that all players have an equally good time – not just the heavy betters. EasyPoker is also the first ever poker app to be played holding your phone vertically. This is to mimic the feeling of holding actual, physical cards. This sounds like a small detail, but actually goes a long way to recreate the setting and feeling of playing poker for fun with an actual poker set. And it’s design choices like that which makes the app so unique.

Poker For Fun

On the mission to mimic a real life poker setting, we also stripped away everything unnecessary. In our app, you’ll find no spinning wheel of fortune, no ads for extra lives and no clunky UI installments. Despite it’s awesome technical power, our app is simple, beautiful and so easy to use that everyone can pick up the phone and get going right away.
So now the entire family can play poker for fun. Click here to learn more about the app’s unique features. 

Poker For Fun

No gambling

Since EasyPoker is all about poker for fun, we don’t facilitate any gambling whatsoever. The app is free to download and play with up to 6 friends at a free table. If you like the app, which we hope you do, we offer an in-app subscription that gives you access to some pretty cool nice-to-have features like table styles, card styles, custom settings and more. We also partner with some of the biggest brands in the world to give you an even better experience with exclusive features.

Great for long distance poker

When COVID-19 hit, and the entire world was in lockdown we had a lot of players reach out to us and explain how they used EasyPoker with Zoom to keep their weekly poker night alive. This gave us some ideas for features that would make EasyPoker even better when playing poker from different locations.
We decided to introduce a built-in voice chat function that allows you and your friends to talk while playing – right within the app.
We also made it super easy for creators of a table to share the game code with friends using iMessage, email, messenger or any other messaging tool you’d like.
These are just some of the neat features that make EasyPoker unique – and a great example of how user feedback is handled here.

Poker For Fun

Get started now

You and your friends are just a few taps away from playing free poker for fun. You’ll find the EasyPoker app in both the App Store and Android Play Store – and iOS and Android users are of course able to play together.

This app is a revolution in digital poker – made by poker lovers, for poker lovers. Both current and future. For this reason we’d love to hear from you if you have any feedback or suggestions.
If you give the app a spin, and love it as much as we do – you can really help our mission by leaving a positive review in your app store. This really goes a long way towards spreading the app, and getting more players to sign on, further growing the community. A community of poker lovers.

Together, we’ll create the app we deserve, and provide everyone with a great way to play poker for fun!

Now get out there and play some poker for fun!

Poker For Fun

Get EasyPoker for iOS here
And for Android here