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Poker dealer app that lets you play poker
with friends and family.

Poker Dealer App for Live Poker

In need for a poker dealer app? Then you have come to the right place.

Poker is a favorite game among millions of people around the world. But poker is very hard to play. Not only because of rules, tells and high stakes – but because you need poker chips and playing cards. Most people do not walk around with a full poker set on them at all time. This means that you miss out on a lot of fun poker games. All because you don’t have the facilities to play. Until now.

EasyPoker is a poker dealer app that facilitates poker games among friends and family. No need for poker chips, playing cards or a dealer. Just use the free app and you are all ready to play.

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Poker dealer app facilitating your Games

Friendly live poker could only be played at home games planned weeks in advance before EasyPoker was launched. With our poker dealer app you and your friends can play unlimited games of poker – no matter where you are. Play live poker on trips, in the airport, the bus, the bar, around the campfire etc. All without having to bring chips, cards or a table with you.

Not just a Dealer App

We don’t just see EasyPoker as a regular chips and cards dealer app. It’s much more than that. With EasyPoker get get a complete game of poker designed to simulate the live face to face poker experience. The apps does this by:   

  • Dealing cards with the backside up.
  • Vertical interface.
  • Tap & hold to see hand.
  • Not designed to look like a top view of a poker table.
  • Plug & play. No need to buy chips, gold etc. to play.
  • Manual cards dealing
poker dealer app

Just slide to deal

Poker has never been easier to play with friends and family. With EasyPoker you just create a table, share the table code, and everybody will pop up and be ready to play with you. It kind of works like Kahoot, but for poker. I played with my non-technical grandparents and they instantly knew how to get going. 

Not you just need to “slide to deal” and everyone gets their cards. All blinds are taken care of by the app. Don’t waste time on shuffling the deck or counting and exchanging chips and pots. You just need to focus on the game and read your friends tells.

Always feel free to reach out to us if you want to talk or have requests for new features.

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