Online Poker with Friends

Online poker with friends – the way it should be.

Online Poker with Friends

Alright, so, you and your friends want to play some poker, but are either far apart or don’t have a poker set with you. You’ve come to the right place.

EasyPoker is a completely new take on online poker, designed as ‘just’ a digital version of the physical poker set you know and love. No nonsense, no hidden fees, no bells and whistles. Just an app that facilitates your online poker with friends.

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So how is EasyPoker different?

We’re not like any other online poker solution.

In fact we were once in the exact position you are in right now. We wanted to play poker with our friends, but were at a party so had no poker set. We searched the App Stores but found no apps that could help us facilitate poker games with no chips or playing cards. So we went ahead and made one. You’re welcome.
Here are some of the reasons.

Here’s why EasyPoker is Awesome

We did not just want to create another online poker app to play with friends. We needed EasyPoker to be different. Very different. That’s why we designed and build the app completely from scratch with important “face to face” features:   

  • Works on both Android and iPhone.
  • Clean and simple design.
  • Free to play.
  • So simple a toddler could use it.
  • Packed with cool online poker features.
  • Fits the way you use your phone.
  • No gold, chips or other virtual goods.
Online Poker with Friends

Online Poker with Friends – Anytime, Anywhere.

Poker has been played by everyone since the beginning of time. But it’s almost impossible to play spontaneously or on the go. You need a full deck of playing cards, poker chips, a dealer and a table. Well, not anymore.

With this app you can now play anywhere you want. Around the campfire, at a party, on the bus or even skydiving. Live poker has never been easier.

If you wanna talk poker, or have ideas or feedback for us, please just reach out.

Making Online Poker with Friends Accessible

Creating an online poker table to play with friends have been a big hassle for years. Before EasyPoker we only had overly complicated websites and no mobile friendly solutions taking cuts off of the table – even if you just wanted a friendly game of poker.

We have been dealing with this experience for years, which finally drove us to create or our poker app specifically designed for the “live” experience with friends. 

We needed the app to be simple and easy to use. We needed to make online poker an accessible asset to all poker lover around the world – also the casual users wanting to plan a digital poker night with their friends and family.  

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