Multiplayer Hold’em Poker app to play with friends.

Multiplayer Hold’em Poker app

In need of a multiplayer hold’em poker app to play with friends? EasyPoker might be the solution for you. The app is designed for face to face poker – anytime, anywhere.

So if you’re looking for a multiplayer hold’em poker app to play with your friends, then check out the free EasyPoker app on App Store and Google Play. The you and your friends will be ready for a face to face game of hold’em poker in no time.


F2F Hold’em Poker app for Multiplayer Games

Want to play a classic game of face to face holm’em poker with your friends? Normally you would have to get out your poker set and find a table big enough to hold all your friends. But not anymore. Now you just have to download the free EasyPoker app and you’re ready to go. 

This means that the classic hold’em game is no more limited to the casino and traditional home game surrounding. Fire up the EasyPoker app when you’re out camping, chilling at the pool, at the beach, in the bar – whenever and wherever you like! Never let the surrounding hold you back. 

App for Multiplayer Hold’em Poker

EasyPoker is not just a regular poker app with multiplayer functionality. It’s much more than that.
The app is specially designed to facilitate hold’em games for when you don’t have a psychical poker set with you. This means EasyPoker gives you the same experience and functionally as you would otherwise.

Slide to Deal

We’re giving you the power of dealing back. Not in the old fashion way of shuffling the cards etc. but with a digital slider. This gives you time to look and your hands, talk about them and analyse the situation.     

Tap and Hold

Hiding the cards you are dealt is critical. With the EasyPoker app you just need to tap and hold on your cards to see your hand. This makes it hard for peekers and gives you the freedom to put down your phone if you like.

One hand use

You should not have to use both hands to play a game of classic texas hold’em poker. So of course EasyPoker is designed for single hand use as well. Deal, call, check, bet, raise and win – all with one hand.  

Fast & Easy Connection

A poker set don’t need a manual to work. Neither does the EasyPoker app. We designed it to be as simple and easy to use as possible.

Plug & Play

Using real hard earned money to buy digital play money is lame. EasyPoker is plug-and-play. This means you just have to create a game and then you and your friends are ready to play hold’em all night – on us. 

If you want to talk to us or request new features then please reach out to us.

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