Live Poker App

EasyPoker is a live poker app for
playing with friends. 

Live Poker App
for Poker with Friends

Live poker is awesome. No doubt about that. Sitting across your friends and taking away all their chips. But as great as live poker is, it is also very hard to facilitate. But not anymore! EasyPoker is the app for live poker with friends, designed for classic social gameplay. EasyPoker gives you poker chips, playing cards and a table. Just launch the free app and you’re ready for your next game of live poker.   


Live Poker – Anytime, Anywhere

My biggest issue with live poker is that you are very limited on where you can play. You will need a full poker set and a table big enough to hold all your friends. This means that I often end up playing online poker with strangers around the work. That’s why we create EasyPoker. 

With the EasyPoker app you no longer need to bring a poker set wherever you go. Just launch the app, share the game code with your friends and you’re all ready to go! Is your flight delayed? No problem, just play som poker with your buddies while waiting. Same goes for when you are stuck in traffic or traveling with train or the bus. 

Live Poker on the go

The live poker app to play with friends on the go.


Poker app for the Social Experience

The EasyPoker app is not only a tool to play live poker – it is also designed to actually simulate the social experience when playing live poker with real chips and playing cards. The app is plug and play, which means that you DON’T have by buy chips within the app. We give them to you for free – no strings attached. 

When launching the app you get a 4 digits game code that you share with your friends. It kinda works like Kahoot, but for poker. After that the player sitting on the button gets an option to “slide to deal”. This means that players are dealing themselves – without having to shuffle the cards etc. Cards are then dealt with the backside up, like they are in real life live poker. This is bad news for peekers and makes it easy to play with friends in the same room.  

We’re building the app with help from all our players. If you have ideas for new functions are find a bug, then please let us know. Otherwise go play some poker with your friends – on us!

Poker Night with Friends