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A true home game poker app

Looking for a great home game poker app to play with friends? You’ve come to the right place.

The free EasyPoker app is a digital version of a physical poker set and perfect for a poker game at home – whether you’re sitting together or apart.
I’ll tell you why.

Home Game Poker App

It’s time to upgrade your poker night

Nothing beats the feeling of sitting across from your best friends, drinking beer and playing a game of good old poker. It’s a feeling traditional online poker has never been able to match.
But the EasyPoker app is nothing like any digital poker service you’ve ever seen.

We began with a simple vision; to create a digital version of the physical poker set we know and love from playing home game poker with friends. We wanted to mimic the feeling you and your friends are used to, but allow you to have it anytime, anywhere. No need to bring a clunky poker set with you everywhere you go – our service fits right in your pocket and is always with you.

Host a live home game – digitally

EasyPoker is the first true home game poker app.
The app was originally designed to be played by friends sitting right across from each other. Live poker is the greatest pastime in the world, but requires a bit of a setup. You’ll need a full deck of playing cards, poker chips and a table. Well, not anymore – now you just pull out your phones and open EasyPoker – the world’s greatest home game poker app.
We supply both chips, cards and an unlimited amount of games – for free. You don’t even need a table anymore, meaning you and your friends can get that social experience of live poker at the bar, in the bus, at work – anytime, anywhere.

But EasyPoker is also ideal when you’re playing at home. The simple but powerful app takes care of everything, which makes for an extremely smooth play experience. You no longer need to stop and wait for someone to shuffle cards or sort chips, and once you’ve tried life without that you’ll never go back.

Home Game Poker App

Home Game Poker App

Getting a game going in EasyPoker couldn’t be easier.

You can edit stacks, blinds, response time and more. 

2) Share Game Code
Your friends enter the 4 digit game code to join.

Yes, it’s that easy. Now you just relax and play poker.
As many games as you’d like – on us.

Host digital poker nights while apart

Although the app was originally designed to be played by friends sitting face to face, the current pandemic has made it harder for people to get together like we used to. That’s why we’ve been working hard on bringing you the experience of home game poker, even when sitting in different rooms, states or countries.

To facilitate conversion, we created a voice chat feature, allowing all players to talk while playing – right from within the app. We also made it easier to share the game code with your friends by text, email, facebook messenger etc.
We also took a look at the in game screens and spent weeks obsessing over how to make everything clear, simple and easy to understand, giving you the smoothest poker experience on the market.
All of these things have meant that EasyPoker now works as great for when you’re apart as it does for when you’re at home. I guess you could call it a ‘away from home game poker app’.

Great for social distance

Since you play the EasyPoker app on each your own phone, it effectively eliminates the need for physical cards and chips to be shuffled and exchanged between players. That makes a huge difference in preventing the spread of virus and bacteria. This is more important now than ever, and will probably become a new norm, even after the current pandemic. The joy of live poker has never been in the physical cards and chips, but rather in the social connection and the game of bluffs and tells across the table. And this is very much alive with the EasyPoker home game poker app. It’s the experience of live poker but with the convenience of digital poker. A match made in heaven, and one that might very well keep your weekly poker night (and you) alive during COVID-19.

Faster, easier & always with you

With the EasyPoker app, you no longer need to have a poker set with you wherever you go. We bring you the experience of live poker with friends, anytime and anywhere, with this beautiful home game poker app.

We never sat out to replace your physical poker set, but rather to let you have that same experience even when you’re on the go. The app takes care of everything and the game feels a lot more smooth since you just have to focus on playing your hand. Or rather, playing the man or woman across from you.

Home game poker app

EasyPoker is the world’s first, and only, true home game poker app.
Our mission has always been to bring you the exact experience of live poker with friends, even if you don’t have a poker set or aren’t sitting together. This shines through in every design choice we make.
EasyPoker is played with one hand, and you hold your phone vertically, like you hold physical cards. Your physical poker set doesn’t ask you to register a credit card or to buy a in game currency – nor does EasyPoker. Your traditional live poker night doesn’t have weird avatars, a wheel of fortune or bells and whistles – so EasyPoker doesn’t either. 

It’s ‘just’ a simple and beautiful digital version of your physical poker set, and the smoothest poker experience out there – whether you’re together or apart.

Get started now

Want the experience of home game poker but can’t? Give the free EasyPoker app a spin and we think you’ll be hooked. It’s available in both the Apple App Store and Android Play Store, and of course works cross-platform.

We’re constantly optimizing and introducing new things based on player requests, so if you have an idea or some feedback we’d love to hear from you.
Feel free to contact us.

Enjoy the app, and take care.

Home Game Poker App