EasyPoker is the free poker app to play with friends.

Free Poker App with Friends

Searching for a free poker app to play with friends? Then you are in luck. EasyPoker is a free poker app designed for that exact purpose. The app lets you play unlimited free games of poker of your friends and family.


And it’s really simple to use. All you need are your smartphones (runs on both Android and iPhone) and an internet connection.

When you first launch the app you get the option to create a new table or find a game. If you create a table you get a 4 digits game code. You will need to share that code with the friends to you to join your game. And then you’re all set to play poker. This video shows how easy it really is to play poker with EasyPoker.

Free Poker App for your Next Poker Night with Friends

EasyPoker is created to make hosting a poker night easy and accessible. The app is designed for live “face to face” poker games, but can also be used to connect friends over a virtual poker night. Great if you are in Corona quarantine or just hosting a poker night with all your friends across the states (or world). And if you’re not sure that EasyPoker fits you needs for a free poker app to play with friends, then take a look at these bullet points:

  • Free for both iPhone & Android.
  • Cross device poker with friends.
  • Online connection. Host your poker night without being in the same room.
  • Easy to use – also for casual users.
  • You decide when to deal.
  • No need to buy chips, gold or other sketchy things.
  • 100% plug and play.

Designed with Real Users

Our vision to make a causal social poker app has been created in collaboration with real user. We, the EasyPoker team, alway knew what kind of app we needed ourselves. But we also know how important it is to listen to the end user who has to use the app in the end. 

We did this by releasing a very early version of the app on the App Store and Google Play. It looked really bad and was filled with bugs, but it has good enough for real people to use. And so they did and we have gotten so many great inputs ever since. Our backlog is filled with new cool and unique features because of this early release.