Face to face poker with your friends – anytime, anywhere.


Face to face poker with your friends – anytime, anywhere.

Face to Face Poker App

Need a face to face poker app to play live poker games with your friends? Look no further.

EasyPoker is the perfect multiplayer poker app for live face to face poker. The app works as a digital poker set that you can carry around in your pocket. It’s perfectly designed for face to face gameplay, where you and your friends are in the same location. Exactly like you would be with a traditional poker set. 

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Poker Anytime, Anywhere

EasyPoker is the perfect face to face poker app. Now you can play a live game of poker with your friends – no matter your location. Want to play face to face poker around, say, the campfire? No problem! Just fire up your trusted face to face poker app on your iPhone or Android and you’re ready. Setting up a poker game with EasyPoker is really simply and only requirers you create a table and share the game code. Then you and your friends can enjoy all the F2F poker you like – on us.   

Watch our video to see how easy it is to play face to face poker – anytime, anywhere.

face to face poker app

A Digital Poker Set

face to face poker appPoker is, hands down, a truly amazing game. But the number one card game of all time has a big issue. You can’t really play a face to face game of poker spontaneously. You will have to find a physical poker set and a cozy place with a table big enough to hold all your friends. And what if you don’t carry around a poker set with you at all times? That’s just too bad. No poker for you and your friends. 

This is the problem the EasyPoker app is solving. EasyPoker is the poker set that you can actually carry around with you at all times. Brilliant right? 

This means that you don’t have to carry around a heavy and clumsy poker set with you everywhere you go. Just fire up your apps and you’re ready to play live poker with your friends at the beach, the bar, in the bus, at the airport, around the campfire, in the park, etc. 

Designed as a Face to Face Poker App

And not for anything else. We believe that in order for an app to be truly great, it should do one thing insanely good. And that’s what we’re doing with EasyPoker. It’s a social poker app – and nothing else. This allows us to focus on creating the best live face to face poker experience. Some of the unique EasyPoker features and selling points are listed below. Find the full feature list here

  • F2F poker app – and nothing else.
  • Fast and easy to create and connect live poker games.
  • Cross play (Android & iPhone).
  • You are the dealer (allows you to discuss and talk in between hands).
  • No table simulation – allows you to look up and see your friends.
  • Tab and hold to see cards, release to hide (too bad for peekers).
  • Free to use (no virtual chips, no nonsense).
face to face poker app

When you launch the app you have the choice between creating a new game or finding a friend’s game. Pretty simple. 


Type in or share the game code. Afterwords just tab the profile pictures to arrange the perfect order for your face to face setup.


Now you’re ready to use our face to face poker app. Remember not to embarrass your friends too much – Happy poker time!

Setup a game in seconds

It really is that simple to play EasyPoker – I kid you not. Everybody can do it, even my grandparents. This easy and simple setup combined with the clean and new thinking interface made sure that EasyPoker ended up as Product of the Day on Product Hunt. This a really big achievement, especially for a face to face poker app. But try it out for yourself and see if you like it.

Available now!

Get the app and play unlimited face to face poker with friends.
No need to buy face chips, diamonds etc.