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Use EasyPoker for digital poker with friends.
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Digital Poker with Friends

Wanna play a game of poker with all your buddies? Just launch the EasyPoker app and
you’re ready for live poker with your friends. No chips, playing cards or table needed.
Free for iPhone and Android 👇

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Digital & LIVE Poker

Play live poker with friends & family.
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Poker as you know and love – just digitally

EasyPoker is designed as a digital alternative to the classic poker set. We try to give you the most authentic gameplay that we all know and love from an old school game of live poker. The twist it that it’s played 100% digitally. 

So there’s no reason to bring the silver poker set with you on vacation etc. you can just whip out your phone and play digital poker with your friends. And the best part is that it is so easy to setup a digital poker game with EasyPoker. All you need to do is create a table and share the game code. After that you can play all the poker you want – no limits or purchase of fake chips or diamonds. Use the link below to try it out. 

digital poker

Digital Poker Made Simple

Poker is an awesome game, no doubt about it. But it’s hard to play spontaneously, since you need a deck of playing cards, poker chips and a table big enough for you and your buddies. That’s why we created EasyPoker.

EasyPoker is a digital version of the classic poker set. The app allows you to create and host live poker games with friends and family – without the need of physical poker chips or playing cards. Our goal is to combine the fun and social feeling and experience of physical poker, with the easy convenience and simplicity known from online poker. It’s live poker made digital.

Designed for real poker

The EasyPoker app is truly designed for live, face to face, poker. You don’t play against bots or random people from around the world, but with the people sitting across you. So you better get that poker face ready!

For the app to be perfect for live F2F poker we had to completely redesign the classic poker app. The interface is horizontal, which makes it suitable for one hand gameplay. You also control the dealing yourself which allow you to control the pace of the game. Our hands are dealt backside up, so you are able to put your phone down. Press and hold to see your hand – bad news for peekers.

As a regular poker set you don’t have to buy chips or play money with your real hard earned money in order to play poker. EasyPoker is plug and play which means all you have to do is install the app for iPhone or Android and you all set. Feel free to reach out to us if you want to know more.