Play digital poker with friends. No chips
or playing cards needed.

Digital Poker with Friends – Free and Simple

Looking for an easy way to play a game of digital poker with your friends? This is it.

The EasyPoker app lets you and your friends create a digital poker table with just a tap on your phone. The app takes care of everything – you don’t need cards, chips or even a table – all you need to do is play your cards and have fun. And it’s free for both iPhone and Android.

Digital Poker with Friends phones

A New Take on Digital Poker with Friends

This app is nothing like other poker apps. We’ve rethought the entire experience and made an app that’s truly different, and focus on the social aspect of poker with friends.

If you want to play poker for money with strangers, we’re not the app for you.
But if you want to have a digital poker night with your friends and relax and hang out, this is just the app you need. That’s what we designed it for – and it shows.

We’ve combined the convenience of digital poker with the social experience of real life, physical poker. You really have to try it. 

Why is EasyPoker perfect for you and your friends?

Because EasyPoker is, well, easy. We’ve made it super simple, with all the features you need but nothing more. No weird backstory, no hidden fees and no confusing features. This is how it works.

  • You create a game and get the game code.
  • Your friends hit ‘join game’ and insert the game code.
  • Once everyone is ready and in the lobby, you launch the table.
Digital Poker with Friends phones

And BOOM – you’re playing poker. It’s that easy.

Unlimited amount of free games for all players – and members of EasyPoker+ will get access to a ton of cool features as well. Watch this video and see how simple it really is:

Digital Poker with Friends – Anytime, Anywhere

With EasyPoker it’s really never been easier to play poker with friends. As long as you all have your phones your next poker night could be around the campfire, at your regular bar or on a long car ride.

We’ve really poured our heart and soul into this concept, obsessing over every single detail.
And we’re just getting started. With a ton of user suggestions and our own create vision, we’ve put together an endless list of features that will blow your mind. And so together, we will build the poker app we all deserve.

We’re always looking to interact with our users, and so if you have some ideas, feedback or just a general interest in digital poker with friends feel free to shoot us an email.

Take care and stay safe.