Digital Poker App

Digital poker app for poker with friends & family

Digital poker app

Up for some poker with friends and family? EasyPoker is a digital poker app that facilitates live poker. No need for poker chips, a deck of playing cards and a table big enough to hold your whole crew. Just get download our free app and you’re ready!


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F2F Poker anytime, anywhere.


Digital poker app for live poker

Live poker is great. You get to sit across of your opponent and look them in the eye. Maybe you have a talent for reading poker faces and psyching out the other players.

But as great as live poker is, it’s also frustrating how hard real poker is to facilitate. You need poker chips, a deck of cards and a table. And if you get everything in order it’s still frustrating having to spend so much time dealing and counting chips. This is why we created EasyPoker. A friendly poker app designed to facilitate live face to face poker among friends and family.

The EasyPoker app does not only work as an application you can use instead of poker chips and cards. It also takes care of dealing, rebuys and making sure that you get all your chips. EasyPoker also makes it possible to play digital poker with friends no matter where you are. Just launch the app and you’re ready to go! Play poker on the bus, the train, in the bar, while waiting for your food in the restaurant, or in the airport when your flight is delayed – again. 

Designed for live poker

EasyPoker is created by poker players. We needed an app that was only designed to facilitate live poker. No bells and whistles.
Therefore the EasyPoker app is purely plug & play. This means that you don’t have to buy chips or register a credit card in order to play. Our goal is for the app to be like a digital version of a classic psychical poker set. Try out the app for iPhone and Android.

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