Pokerface App Alternative

Alternative for the Pokerface app to play Texas Hold’em Live with friends.


Pokerface App Alternative

Alternative for the Pokerface app to play Texas Hold’em Live with friends.

Alternative for Pokerface App

Looking for an alternative for the Pokerface app? Then check this comparison between the Poker Face app vs EasyPoker – Poker with Friends.

Pokerface, or “Poker Face: Texas Holdem Live”, is a poker app that allows you to play poker with your friends. Pokerface’s main feature is video chat. However the app is not perfect and the video chat feature uses a lot of power and leaves your phone running really hot. And most of the time you end up looking at ceiling fans, as people don’t use the video chat anyways (see screenshot from Poker Face). 

If that’s the case for you then check out the alternative called EasyPoker

Pokerface app alternative gameplay

Pokerface App – Playing against ceilings?

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The Best Alternative – What is EasyPoker?

EasyPoker is an app that connects friends through poker. Much like Pokerface, the app allows you to play poker with friends. It’s quick and simple to set up and you can play unlimited games.

Unlike Pokerface, EasyPoker only focuses on playing with friends which reflects on the ease of use compared to the Poker Face app.

EasyPoker’s goal is to make poker easy and accessible for everyone. This is done by making the game free to play, as in no need to ever purchase poker chips. Unlimited games for free comes with another side effect: You can not get in financial trouble by buying virtual chips. You can watch the video above If you want to see gameplay and more about EasyPoker – or tap the download buttons to try it our for yourself.

Pokerface app alternative - EasyPoker
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Pokerface App vs EasyPoker

Both apps have the same basic functionality that lets you play poker with friends. However there are also some major differences that I will try to visually display for you.

  • Pokerface App
  • $ Free

    Business model and Features
  • Purchase of virtual currency and digital chips
  • Video Chat
  • Max player limit: 5
  • Random match making
  • Hold'em
  • Edit table settings: No
  • Customize Gameplay: No
  • EasyPoker
  • $ FREE

    Business model and features
  • Optional subcription and in-play ads
  • Voice Chat
  • Max player limit: 12
  • No Random match making
  • Hold'em, Short Deck (6-plus), Reverse Hold'em
  • Edit table settings: Yes
  • Customize Gameplay: Yes

The Poker Experience

Above are the facts about both apps. However there’s also the overall playing experience to consider. Pokerface wants to give you a “casino like” gameplay with spin to win and a lot of pop-ups. This combined with the app running slow and lagging on even the new iPhone 13 Pro, makes for a clunky overall experience.

Visually you sit on a simulated poker table in birds eye view on the Pokerface app. This is not the case for the alternative. EasyPoker is built around the social experience you have with your friends and is easy to use even for casual players. The app also work both when playing online with friends, or when you’re playing while hanging out in the same location (See gameplay comparison image). EasyPoker is also built to be lightweight and efficient so it won’t take up too much space or make your phone run piping hot. Get EasyPoker on App Store or Google Play

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