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Game Code Numbers keep Scrambling

You are most likely disconnected from our servers. To fix this you need to:

  1. Sign out of the app (in the settings menu)
  2. Delete the app
  3. Reinstall EasyPoker

How do I start a Game?

EasyPoker is a tournament style poker app. This means that players can’t join a table after it has been launched.

Follow this video tutorial on how to create and launch a new table:

Rebuy is Not Showing

Open the in-game settings menu and tap “Sync Table” on the phone trying to rebuy.

Is EasyPoker free?

Yes, you can play as many games of poker as you like. Completely free.

Why are Stacks shown incorrectly?

This is a bug that we’re working hard on crushing. The temporary solution for you is to press the “Sync Table” tab within the in-game side menu.

Can I edit stack size or blinds?

This can be done by tapping “Table Settings” in the bottom of the screen when creating a game. From here, you can also choose to allow rebuys and deactivate increasing blinds. Please note that this is a premium feature.