Looking for a Poker Set?

Then look no further. EasyPoker might be the poker set for you.

EasyPoker Works just like
a real poker set

Looking to buy a poker set? Before spending your hard earned money on a big metal box, then check out the EasyPoker app. It’s completely free and designed to simulate the live poker experience you get with real poker. 


you never need to bring Chips &
Cards ever again

Before you buy a Poker Set…

You might need to think twice before buying your next box of poker chips and playing cards. Because why spend your hard earned dollars on a new poker set when you can get one completely free? Sounds too good to be true, right? Well it’s not. You just need to download the EasyPoker app for iPhone or Android and your new set is ready to be used.

Not only is EasyPoker a free alternative for your next poker case, it’s also very convenient to use. The app takes care of all dealing. You just need to slide a button and everyone gets their cards. Think about how much time you save from dealing, exchanging chips, calculating split pots and so on. Now you just need to focus on your game of poker and the app takes care of the rest. 

A Poker Set you can bring anywhere

Are you going on a trip or a vacation? Then you should always remember to bring your poker chips and playing cards! The thing is, that a full set of chips and cards is big and heavy. Well, not anymore. EasyPoker is the full set of cards and chips that fits right in your pocket. 

With EasyPoker you can play poker when you’re on the go with friends and family. Are you waiting for your flight at the airport? Why not play some poker then. No need to bring chips or playing cards, just launch the EasyPoker app. With the app you can play live poker no matter where you are. Play a game of poker in the train, at the bar, in the halftime of the game, around the campfire or on your fishing trip – anytime, anywhere.