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You are most likely disconnected from our servers. To fix this you need to:

  1. Sign out of the app (in the settings menu)
  2. Delete the app
  3. Reinstall EasyPoker

EasyPoker is a tournament style poker app. This means that players can’t join a table after it has been launched.

Follow this video tutorial on how to create and launch a new table:

If it’s turned on, blinds will increase every 6th hand. Plus members can customize how blinds are increasing.

With a Plus subscription you can play up to 12 players on a table. On a free account you can play up to 6 players.

Open the in-game settings menu and tap “Sync Table” on the phone trying to rebuy.

No, you can join as many Plus+ tables as you like. Only the table creator needs Plus+ in order to set up a table with all the extra features.

Please try to sign out and then in again. If this does not help, then re-install the app. If you still can’t create a table then please contact us.

Yes, you can play as many games of poker as you like. Completely free.

This is a bug that we’re working hard on crushing. The temporary solution for you is to press the “Sync Table” tab within the in-game side menu.

This can be done by tapping “Table Settings” in the bottom of the screen when creating a game. From here, you can also choose to allow rebuys and deactivate increasing blinds. Please note that this is a premium feature.

No. We do not facilitate any kind of real money gambling.

EasyPoker is meant for multiplayer poker with friends. We have no “random” tables or matchmaking system. It’s meant to be played with friends, live, and therefore you’ll need to know the game code to join a table. See this guide on how to play.

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