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The Social Dilemma

There is something wrong with social media. The new docudrama, The Social Dilemma (Netflix, 2020) shows how social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. is having a massive negative impact on human behavior. EasyPoker wants to use ethical design to challenge ‘The Social Dilemma’.

Nowadays everything is connected through the internet. We are always online and it is beginning to divide us. We have switched out human interaction for digital convenience. In the documentary, The Social Dilemma (2020), experts show how social media is designed to change human behavior. We are becoming less social, more digitally addicted and forgetting the benefit of technology.

The Social Dilemma, EasyPoker

The Social Dilemma & Digital Poker

Here are 3 ways, EasyPoker solves ‘The Social Dilemma’:

Remember, technology is a tool and so is your smartphone. EasyPoker uses your smartphone, to enhance the overall experience and convenience of poker. The technology makes it much easier to play, anywhere and anytime, without the lack of social interaction. The game needs to be played, face-to-face, with your friends and family. Sure, you can better yourself with a 1vs1 online, but the main goal is to interact in the real world.

In a time with social distancing, it is important to remember that social media is not the only way of interacting. If we use technology to our benefit, we can use it to
retain a  ‘normal’ way of living. A poker night doesn’t need to involve physical chips or cards.

EasyPoker solved it with one simple tool. Your smartphone. Without
all of the downsides. It is also better to call someone’s bluff face-to-face, rather than getting tricked by an online poker shark or catfish.

Do not become addicted and gamble with your money, time or morals.

You can get addicted to anything. Smoking, drinking, gambling, social media. The list goes on. Poker’s biggest hurdle is gambling. EasyPoker simply removed the possibility in the game. This is part of our approach to ethical design. Less focus on addictive features and more focus on better user experience. We want you to play, because you like the game, not because you are addicted to it. The tech-industry holds a responsibility to become more transparent and less addictive.

EasyPoker is the product and not the player.

The Social Dilemma in Poker

Bring social back

EasyPoker keeps improving. Our players contribute with new ways of making the game better. We want to continue to better ourselves and make ‘technology great again’ and bring social back into our daily digital lives. Together.

Short Deck Poker – Rules & How to Play

EasyPoker just launched Short Deck Poker – play directly from within the app.

In a recent update we added support for more types of poker games, including Short Deck Hold’em – also known as 6-plus poker. In this post I will talk about why we choose Short Deck Hold’em and how the Short Deck poker rules differ from regular Texas style of play.

Short Deck Poker – using EasyPoker

First off, Short Deck Hold’em is a Plus feature you will find in the EasyPoker table settings. EasyPoker Plus starts from $3.99 and will allow more customization for your home games, as well as many other features. Our goal is to deliver all “need to have” features for free (such as creating a free game for up to 6 players) and nice to have features are Plus. This includes Short Deck Poker.

Virtual poker with friends
Poker positions

Why Chose Short Deck Poker? 

Short Deck Poker is becoming more and more popular each month. And I completely understand why. The Short Deck game is eliminating all the low ranked cards. This makes the gameplay more intense and leaves a greater chance of having impressive hands – both for you and your competition.   

This small but amazing twist made it an obvious choice for EasyPoker to support the poker style. It’s also very closely related to regular texas hold’em, which fits perfectly in the EasyPoker mindset. 

EasyPoker app Short deck poker

Short Deck Poker Rules

Short Deck Poker is very closely related to Texas Hold’em. With Short Deck Hold’em you play without cards lower than 6 (Ace are still included in Short Deck). This means no 2’s, 3’s, 4’s and 5’s. 

Eliminating these cards means that you have a greater chance of getting a full-house than a flush. It’s also harder to get three of a kind than a straight – unlike in 52 cards poker. This is because you only have 9 cards of each suit, so flushes and three of a kind are pretty rare when playing with a short deck.

Short Deck Poker Hand Rankings

As mentioned above the hand rankings are a bit different when playing Short Deck Poker. This is because the mathematical possibilities change when removing the lower cards. The hand rankings are…

1. Royal Flush
2. Straight Flush
3. Four of a kind
4. Flush 
5. Full House
6. Three of a Kind
7. Straight
8. Two Pair
9. One Pair
10. High Card

As you can see by the colors, Flush and Full House has switched places. So has Three of a Kind and Straight.

How to Play

You start the game by putting out a small blind and big blind. After that you deal each player two cards with the top down – just like in regular Texas Hold’em. All players need to at least match the big blind in order to continue. 

After the initial betting round you lay out the first 3 community cards. Then you have a new betting round. Next you lay out the turn card in the CC, bet again, and then finally add the river card – just like in Texas Hold’em.

In the end all the remaining players need to show their cards in order to find the winner of the pot (keep the mucking rules in mind).

EasyPoker will manage all rules, dealing, blinds etc. for you. Just follow the link to play short deck poker on Android and iPhone or use the buttons below. Just a friendly reminder from me.       

Get EasyPoker

EasyPoker will allow you to play short deck
hold’em with friends and family.


Remote Poker App

remote poker

It is time to make remote poker simple and easy. Let me introduce something we call EasyPoker Remote. It is no secret that the international pandemic have changed how people all across the world are working and spending their free time. This include how people are playing poker.

The EasyPoker app is originally designed to facilitate poker among friends sitting face to face in the same room. It’s basically a replacement for the big silver case with poker chips and playing cards.


Replacing the need of psychical chips and cards is still the main focus of EasyPoker. However, the pandemic have shown us that users need apps like EasyPoker to play poker with friends – even when they are apart. And we’re ready to make remote poker easy for everyone.

We know it’s important to have an option to play remote poker. A lot of poker clubs and home games have been closed down by athories. Recently a poker game was shut down in Copenhagen, Denmark, and all players were fined. This is because poker is a big hazard. Sitting close for hours, exchanging chips, shuffling and dealing cards are all potential source of infection.

That’s why we seriously need to rethink how we play poker. Even when we get though the pandemic. Get the Remote Poker App for Android and for iPhone.   

Remote Poker app


EasyPoker Remote is not an external app. It’s actually some new built-in features to make the remote poker experience as smooth and seemingly as the traditional EasyPoker games. We added a feature to share the game code through your favorite chat app with a single tap (video below). This includes Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, iMessage and regular texts.
We also added an optional ‘reaction time’. When playing regular poker (and EasyPoker) this is not an issue, but you can’t tell a guy to take his turn if he is doing something else remotely. 

A new (literally) game changing feature we incorporated in EasyPoker is ‘Voice Chat’. This makes is possible to talk to your opponents while playing – directly from within the app. Perfect for when you’re not together.

  • Share game code with a single tap.
  • Turn on a reaction time.
  • Voice Chat directly within the app.

And this is just the beginning. We will be adding more features to make the remote experience even better. If you have a feature request then please reach out to us.

Remote Poker – as it should be 

You don’t need to compromise the poker experience, just because your game is played remotely. According to a lot of our users, other apps that can host remote games are only compatible with PC/Mac or they are clunky and poorly designed. They have been asking for a remote experience created by EasyPoker, as we seem to catch the right user interface and experience they are looking for. 

We are thrilled to hear this from our users and that’s why we have added these new features for the remote poker players all over the world. 

Germ Free Home Poker Games

Running a restriction friendly poker game can be hard. As mentioned before, poker is a hazard. It’s very hard to keep your distance when you need to deal cards and bet chips all the time. In this situation you can run a germ free poker game using the EasyPoker app. 

This will allow you to get as close to a real game of poker as possible – without having to deal with chips and cards. This also allows you to easily keep your distance, as you can sit 6 feet from each other without having to get up to bet, raise or collect chips. Read this guide on how to host a quarantine friendly poker game.  

Bring your Poker Games outside

As you might know, being outside is a great idea when socializing as an enclosed environment with a lot of people is a source of infection. This means it might actually be a good idea to bring your poker games outside. This sounds great as summertime is upon us. 

For this you and your friends can also use the EasyPoker app to facilitate your games of live poker. Germ free and no risk of cards getting blown away by the wind.

Poker friends

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How to Host a Poker Night During Quarantine

In Denmark, a story just broke about a group of friends who were all fined for attending their weekly poker night. The police were called and found that the poker night was in violation of the danish ‘Law of Assembly’, which restricts more than a few people to gather in one location during these times of lockdown.

This story is just one of many crazy ones related to the current Corona quarantines, but it raises a valid question: How to host a poker night during quarantine?

Poker is a Hazard

Poker is everyone’s favorite game – but it’s also a really effective way of spreading a virus between your friends.

You usually sit around a table, in close proximity, and maybe share snacks or drinks.
On top of that, you all take turns touching both cards and chips before putting them into a pile and exchanging them among you. 

It’s a virus frenzy, and not ideal in times like these. 

So, without further adieu, here are some tips on how to host a quarantine-friendly poker night. 

coronavirus poker

Practice good hand hygiene

We use our hands for pretty much anything, and if you come in contact with the virus it will most likely be through your hands. The virus can’t enter your body directly from your hands, but you might transfer it to your eyes, mouth or nose if you touch your face – something the average human does many times an hour.

Therefore, the best way to prevent such a spread would be to keep good hand hygiene. Wash your hands before playing, making sure you don’t bring any outside virus to the table. Ideally, you should wash your hands frequently and every time you’ve touched your face. An alcoholic hand sanitizer will also do.

Keep it small and keep your distance

This is probably the most effective way of stopping the spread.

There’s no way around it – crowds are a bad idea during a quarantine. For this reason, it’s probably best to scale back and keep your poker night small in numbers. In general, you wanna avoid big groups.

The virus can’t jump between you if you keep the recommended distance of 6 feet. This is not ideal, of course, but it goes a long way to prevent the spread.

Get Some Fresh Air

Open a window and let in some fresh air. The Corona virus is airborne and can hang in the room after someone sneezes or coughs. So keeping the air in circulation is a great idea.

In an ideal world, you would have your poker night outside – something we of course realize might be hard with cards and chips everywhere.

EasyPoker will do all this for you

Lucky for you, there’s a free app on the market that takes care of all this, and provides a realistic and completely Corona-safe, face to face poker night. EasyPoker – the digital poker set that fits right into your pocket.

The app lets you create a game with a single tap on your phone, and your friends just enter the four digit game code to join your table.
It’s that easy – and EasyPoker provides both cards and chips.

The app lets you create a game with a single tap on your phone, and your friends just enter the four digit game code to join your table.
It’s that easy – and EasyPoker provides both cards and chips.

You each use your own phone to play, and so EasyPoker eliminates the need for physical cards and chips, which removes the risk of transmitting the virus from your hands. A pretty big win.
Not having to exchange physical cards and chips means you can easily keep your 6 feet distance. The app also has a voice chat feature, allowing you to talk with each other while playing, no matter the distance between you.

You don’t even need a table to play anymore – meaning, for the first time, you can have your poker night anytime, anywhere. This means you can play outside, with plenty of air circulation, without having cards and chips fly everywhere.

This really is a new way to play poker – an easier way.

Get EasyPoker Here


So stay safe everyone!

And remember that washing your hands is always a good idea – not only in times of virus and crisis. And always follow the corona quarantine guidelines from WHO.

How to Optimize your EasyPoker Experience

The EasyPoker app is still in, what we consider, a public beta.

By that we mean the app is certainly playable and awesome, but we’re still working around the clock to optimize and better the app and experience. And we are doing so with our users. Laying the tracks while driving the train, so to speak. 

But if you are planning a poker night and want to use EasyPoker there are some actions you can take to avoid potential hiccups in the app.

How to create and launch a game

If you have issues while starting a game, check out this video guide on how to create and launch a game.

Before you Start

Tip #1:

Make sure everyone is on a stable network connection. Bad wifi or internet connection won’t give you a great starting point.

Tip #2:

Make sure you and your friends know how to get a game going. It’s fairly simple, but we’ve made a guide should you need it. The most important thing to remember is that we are not ‘sit and go’. Players can not join a game that has already started – they need to be present in the game lobby when the game is launched.

Tip #3:

Free players can make a game of up to 3 players, and Plus+ members can host up to 12 players. Free players can join as many Plus+ tables as they want – only the host is required to have EasyPoker+.

Tip #4:

Tell your friends to stay in the app as much as possible. While it is possible to leave the app mid game and use your phone to do outer stuff, we see that this is oftentimes the cause for issues. Try not to ‘lock’ your phone as well.

Tip #5:

If a player wants to leave the table – have them do so by force quitting the app. We’ve had user report issues when someone leaves the table by choosing ‘quit game’ from the menu, and while we investigate this we recommend you leave an ongoing table by force quitting the app.

We are of course working on a permanent fix.

If you encounter issues

If rebuy doesn’t appear automatically when a player goes bust, have that player open the in game settings and hit ‘sync table’. This should prompt the rebuy function and send a request to the host of the game.

If someone loses connection you should first have that player open the in game settings and hit ‘sync table’. If that doesn’t clear things up, try playing the current hand to the end, if possible. In most cases, things will sync when a new hand is dealt. If that still doesn’t help, or if you are not able to play the hand to the end, have the player force quit the app. When opening the app again, a pop up will appear with the chance to rejoin the table.

And if all else fails try logging out and back in.

Contact our Support

The EasyPoker support is also open around the clock, both on email and through the chat on our page.  

Hope this helps, and good luck on your poker night!

Ulrik, COO 

Ways to Cheat in Poker

Do not play the cards, play the people. That is one of the most important mantras of poker. A good bluff always beat bad cards. With one major exception. Cheaters beat everything. Unless they get caught.

We have taken a deep dive into some of the ways cheaters cheat in poker.

Marked Cards / Card Marking

When ‘marking cards’, you try to alter the cards in the deck. You will have a big advantage (doh’), when you begin to know the cards and its distinct alteration. Cards are normally marked with bents, dents or small cracks, so be aware of the condition of the cards.

If you are playing in a casino, cheaters will have a hard time playing with marked cards. Dealers, and state of the line casino cameras, are very focused on removing marked cards. BUT during a six year period Mihai Lacatos, a Romanian poker player, managed to cheat the casinos. Mihai used the card marking technique. 

In one week he swindled The Playboy Club in Mayfair, London for about 50.560,96 dollars. Mihai was eventually caught(31 March 2014), but out on bail, he continued to swindle casinos. So dodge Mihai if you meet him at a poker table.

cards poker cheater

Marked cards are more commonly found in privat games (home games, backyard games). Poker sharks might try to take advantage. Remember. If you cannot spot the sucker, you might be the sucker yourself.

Read more poker content and blogs here.

Poker Bot

There is nothing new about cheating in poker. When poker became digital. So did the cheaters. A poker bot is a program that is used to give the cheater an advantage. It gives them the opportunity to see all the cards. This was exactly what Russ Hamilton, who owned the Ultimate Bet poker site, did. Russ made a program that gave him an insight into everyone’s cards.

Russ was never arrested due to gray areas of cheating in that period of time.

There are also other ways that a bot can be used to cheat. In online poker, bots are used to calculate best case scenarios. Based on statistics, it knows when to fold, call or bet. Superior to any human. Look out for any account with the name: Skynet.

Therefore, be aware of playing online poker. If you cannot see them, you cannot call their bluff or spot their cheat. Sadly, in this case, convenience does come with a cost, – and if you are unlucky, a bot goes away with the pot.

Bottom dealing / Base dealing 

Buddying up in poker is not rare. Friends might ‘soft play’ at a game of poker to try to help the other and/ or avoid a big cash clash with each other. Unethical, yes. Illegal, no.

But there are other ways of cheating with a buddy. Bottom dealing is a way of stacking cards to ensure great cards for the partner in crime.

The technique is something that involves sleight of hand. The dealer doubles as a poker mechanic. He makes it look like he shuffles the deck in random, all while he stacks the deck. It is a dying art at the casinos, as it is something that casino cameras can catch. In home games it might still have a way of living.             

As poker continues to evolve into new platforms, cheaters will too. There are endless ways of trying to beat the game, but hopefully all cheaters will get beat in the end. At least you will know how to spot a cheater now.

EasyPoker makes it impossible to bottom deal, mark cards and hopefully make a skynet-like-poker-pro-bot. Until that time, enjoy a game of EasyPoker without the hassle of cheaters. But with plenty of bluffers.

If you want to read more from EasyPoker, then take a look at some of our other blogs.

Get EasyPoker for iPhone and Android here.

7 Things to do in Corona Quarantine

A worldwide pandemic is upon us.

Like something out of a bad movie, the streets lay empty, shops are closed and toilet paper has become everything we thought crypto currency would be. The Corona Quarantine is here.

To prevent the virus from spreading we’ve all gone into a self imposed quarantine and social distancing is now a thing. But what sounded like a welcome holiday has now become a boring nightmare. You’ve seen everything on Netflix and are now desperate for something to fill your day. We’ve got you covered.
Here are 7 things to do in your Corona quarantine. 

1. Play Poker

Yep – big surprise – EasyPoker made our list.
EasyPoker is our brilliant new take on a poker app, allowing you and your friends to play a spontaneous game of face to face poker anytime, anywhere. No need for cards, chips or even a table. Think of it as a digital version of the classic physical poker set. Perfect for the Corona Quarantine.
It’s great fun – and a good way to be social without having to constantly think of new topics for conversation. 

This was always a great idea – but it’s actually even more relevant in these corona times.

Because, even though EasyPoker is a social game – you and your friends play it on each your phone. Regular physical poker has cards and chips shifting hands all the time – a regular virus orgie. EasyPoker allows you to play poker with your friends, while still keeping your government recommended six feet distance and not swapping physical items.

Even though EasyPoker is designed for live, face to face poker, we also see a lot of players these days who use the app combined with facetime or skype. While we would always recommend playing poker face to face, we understand that these times have friends and family seperated – and for good reason. So fire up a game of EasyPoker and text your friends the game code. A virtual game of face to face poker sounds so much more fun than counting the lines on your bedroom ceiling. 

There’s 651, by the way.

Corona Quarantine Poker

2. Read a Book

We bet there’s a long list of books you’ve wanted to read for the longest time.
But your regular, high paced, life really doesn’t leave much time to fully immerse yourself into a good book. And so you end up watching Netflix. It’s cool – no judgement. We’ve all been there.

But now is your chance to actually pick up those books – or audio books, for that matter.
The world has given you a short window where time has actually slowed down, not only in your life, but around the entire planet. This might never happen again in your lifetime.
Make the most of it! And save the binge watching of series to when your regular life resumes soon enough.

3. Exercise

This lockdown is no reason to skip on your exercise. In fact, this is probably some of the best things you can do to not go crazy indoors. Get that blood pumping, and burn off some energy (and snacks).
There are of course a ton of programmes online, but you can actually come a very long way with just the basics. Push ups, squats and sit-ups.
It’s that simple – and really effective.

If you have to go outside – turn that into a workout as well. Go for a long walk or a nice run. But remember to keep your distance.

training coronavirus

4. Meditate

Another thing you’ve always wanted to do, but that just doesn’t fit your regular busy schedule. Well, now is the time!

This will not only sharpen your mind, but benefit your body and strengthen your immune system. Again, you’ll find a ton of guides online but there are also some very cool apps that can help you. This is one of those things that you just have to get started with, and you’ll be hooked forever. And it requires little to no space – you can even do it from your bed.

5. Check up on Friends & Family

When something like this happens – we come together as humans. Figuratively speaking that is. Everyone is shocked and uncertain. So maybe reach out and let someone know you’re thinking of them. Try it – it’s actually addictive.
At the very least, it’s going to result in a nice catch up conversation.

It sounds flat, but knowing someone is thinking of you is a basic human need.
So pick up the phone, and reach out to friends and relatives. Spread the love.
Oh, and this is something that really shouldn’t be restricted to just times of crisis and quarantine.

6. Get into Cooking

We mean really into cooking. Find recipes and ingredients you haven’t tried before. Challenge yourself a little. Again, there are a ton of great sources for inspiration out there. Make something healthy, and ideally something that can help your immune system.

That being said, don’t focus too much on the result – enjoy the journey.
Put on some music, crack open a bottle of wine and pretend you know what you’re doing. Then you’ll be halfway there.

7. Get Freaky

We know – this isn’t exactly a hard sell. Most people are fans.
In fact, with the current worldwide quarantine, experts predict we’ll see a massive baby boom about nine months from now. Which means that, 13 years after that, we’ll have the so-called ‘Quaranteens’. 

But besides the obvious upsides, being intimate is also scientifically proven to boost your immune system along with your mood. So you’ll actually better your chances of staying healthy! 

There’s really no easier way to save lives.
Do it right, and you might not need the push ups and sit-ups after all. 

You’ll still need EasyPoker though. Everyone needs a break now and then.

Fortunately, we’ve made it super easy for you.
Just choose your app store and download the free EasyPoker app for live multiplayer poker with your friends.

Stay safe everyone! And remember that washing your hands is always a good idea – not only in times of virus and crisis. And always follow the corona quarantine guidelines from WHO.

Gus Hansen – Poker Player Story

Gus Hansen has one of the craziest poker careers of all times.
This child prodigy went from the top of the world to losing over 20 million dollars and having to get a regular job as an accountant. A meteoric rise and an unreal fall.
This is the crazy story of an absolute legend, Gus Hansen.

We’ve also made this blog post into a video, if you’d rather watch than read. 
The text version continues beneath the video. 


Gustav B. Hansen was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, on the 13th of February, 1974.
He was born an only child and showed great potential from an early age. For the majority of his time in elementary school, Gus was homeschooled by his mom and aunt. 

But Gus wasn’t just a bright mind, he also dominated the national youth ranks of tennis.
In fact he was well on his way to becoming a pro, when a serious injury put a stop to his plans.

Frustrated and eager to find a new outlet for his competitive spirit, Gus started playing backgammon. Something his dad had taught him.

Gus Hansen as a Child

He spent an entire summer perfecting his skills and learning various strategies.
Gus, once again, proved a natural and would beat every opponent that played him. And so he started organizing bigger and bigger tournaments that took place on school grounds and would bring in the best players from around the country.
But even they didn’t stand a chance against Gus who was playing at a World Champion level.

When Gus wasn’t playing backgammon, he could be found studying. His mom had instilled a hard working mentality in him, and he was especially skilled in mathematics. Since backgammon wasn’t a very lucrative profession Gus leveraged his mathematical skills to secure an academic scholarship – thinking a degree in accounting would suit him well.

Always eager to find new challenges, and having beaten every backgammon player in Denmark, Gus chose to enroll in the University of California, Santa Cruz.


Alright, so, Gus was now in the US, enjoying the sun and life of California.
One day, he was invited to a friend’s weekly poker tournament. The game was Texas Hold’em – something Gus had never played before. Perhaps for this reason, Gus’ friends thought we would be an easy win. But he quickly understood the game and began playing around with different strategies. By the end of the night, Gus was the last player standing, and was forever hooked.

Gus began playing more often, at the local Ocean View Card Room. Although he clearly had a talent for the game, he found that he still had a long way to go. Rather than discourage him though, this only added to his passion. 

Two years into college, Gus had to go back to Denmark to serve in the military. Back then, most young men in Denmark had to complete at least 9 months of basic military training. 

During his downtime, Gus would play poker against the other recruits. He kept experimenting with different strategies and even tried other forms of poker like Omaha, Razz and Seven-card stud. Hansen kept improving his skills and after finishing his military training, he was on the next flight back to the US.  


After serving his time in the Danish military, Gus flew to New York to live out his dreams and follow his passion for gambling. But, the first couple of years would be hard on the young Dane. He would primarily play cash games but had his first appearance at the World Series of Poker in 1996. Gus was eliminated in the very beginning of the tournament, and although he is often described as an overnight success, people often forget his hard times during this period in New York.

But Gus didn’t stop.
He was determined to get better and decided on a bold new strategy.

He was going to switch it up and play his hands with a variety so crazy – it would make him impossible to read. He would see a lot of flops, with a variety of odd starting poker hands.Not afraid of big bluffs, this style would focus on confident, aggressive post flop play.

This was the birth of the Gus we know and love.
“I’ve raised with cards less attractive than what’s in my toilet after I took a dump in it”, Gus famously said. 

He would often fly to Las Vegas, to play bigger games and finally started getting some traction. Although he of course lost a lot of hands, he would more than make up for it on the hands he actually won. And the poker community took notice.

In 2002, Gus decided to test his loose, aggressive style of play, when he returned to tournament poker by attending the World Poker Tour’s Five-Diamond World Poker Classic. Gus absolutely cleaned up, beating all 146 opponents and taking home a cash prize of 550 thousand dollars!
Gus, and his new style of play was definitely on to something.


After his big win at the World Poker Tour, Gus was eager to prove that it wasn’t just beginners luck. He wanted to solidify his place amongst the greatest. And in 2003 he did just that. Gus won the WPT LA Poker Classics, collecting a cash prize of half a million dollars, and the respect of the poker world. 

Gus Hansen was really making a name for himself, and he was looking to diversify his brand and business. That same year, he started an online poker room called The site quickly got a couple of thousand users, but Gus had a hard time balancing his time between running the site and traveling the world to play poker. 

He ended up selling the site to Betfair for around 15 million dollars. 
Not bad, for a 2 year business venture.

But Gus wasn’t about to slow down.
In December of 2003 he finished 3rd in the Five Diamonds World Poker Classics, and just a month later he took his 3rd WPT title after winning the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. His crazy style of play, impressive winnings and good looks had made him one of the world’s most famous poker players.

In 2004 he  was even voted one of the Sexiest Men Alive, by People Magazine.

In 2005, Gus was invited to play in the Poker SuperStarts Invitational Tournament. This tournament was a big deal,  with a buy-in of 400 thousand dollars. On top of that, Gus would be up against other poker legends like Doyle Brunson and Phil Ivey. But Hansen was hungry, confident and eager to show off his style, and so he entered the tournament. 

This proved to be a great decision, as Gus took the tournament by storm and landed 1st place, taking home the grand prize of one million dollars. Watch this video to see how it happened. 

Gus continued playing in all the biggest tournaments, and in 2007 he flew to Australia, to attend the Aussie Millions Event. He placed in the top ten for most of their smaller tournaments, but ended up winning the main event collecting a massive cash prize of 1.5 million dollars. That’s not a bad payday, and Gus wrote a book about the experience titled ‘Every Hand Revealed’. The book also did really well, and sold thousands of copies in both Denmark and the US.

At this point, it seemed like everything Gus touched turned to gold. And he was about to take home the biggest cash prize of his career. In April of 2008 he played in the $25.000 WPT Championship Event, and despite finishing in second place he picked up a hefty prize of 1.7 million dollars on his way out.

Despiste having won more than 7 million dollars in live tournaments at this point, Gus still considered cash games his speciality. Most poker fans will remember his legendary showdown against Daniel Negreanu in the second season of the High Stakes Poker TV show. Both players had great hands, but Gus turned Quad 5’s against Negreanu’s full house and won the record breaking pot of 575 thousand dollars.

Despiste having won more than 7 million dollars in live tournaments at this point, Gus still considered cash games his speciality. Most poker fans will remember his legendary showdown against Daniel Negreanu in the second season of the High Stakes Poker TV show. Both players had great hands, but Gus turned Quad 5’s against Negreanu’s full house and won the record breaking pot of 575 thousand dollars.

Shortly after appearing on that show, Gus signed a sponsorship with Full Tilt Poker. He appeared in numerous videos for the brand and sported their logo on his shirts for every game he competed in. Full Tilt also agreed to provide his financial backing in exchange for him playing exclusively on their site.

2010 would prove to be a big year for Gus Hansen. He finally won his first World Series of Poker Bracelet after finishing first in the No Limit Hold’em High Roller Heads-Up event. He received a cash prize of more than 450 thousand dollars to go with his golden bracelet. And, as if that wasn’t enough, he topped the year off by winning 1 million dollars for finishing first at the Poker Million IX tournament.


Gus Hansen’s last major performance was at the 2012 Aussie Millions $250,000 No Limit Hold’em Challenge. He made it to the final table, but placed third after Patrik Antonius and Phil Ivey. Gus of course wanted to win, but wasn’t too disappointed as the cash prize for third place was 820 thousand dollars.

But this still seemed to mark a turning point in his career.
After that, Gus seemed to struggle. He would still win a couple of thousand dollars here and there, but was no longer making enough money to support himself financially. 

“I think every competitive player has to question himself at some point and ask ‘has the game surpassed me? Am I rusty? Am I not good enough in this game anymore?’
I’m asking myself questions and that keeps me up at night.” he told Poker News.

Gus Hansen downfall

And to make matters worse, Gus was losing a lot of money playing online poker. Without the financial backing of Full Tilt, Gus was quickly squandering his fortune away, reportedly losing more than 21 millions dollars on online poker. The most anyone has ever lost. 

“It’s the same game and the same opponents. But when you sit in front of a screen you cannot see your opponent, you just have to push some buttons. And apparently I’m not as great at that”, he told a Danish newspaper. 

No longer able to financially support himself through poker, Gus had to go and get a regular job as an accountant. Quite a massive change of pace.


Working as an accountant has allowed Gus Hansen to stabilize his finances, and given him some much needed clarity and perspective. But the 9 to 5 lifestyle is very different from being a legendary poker player.

Perhaps for this reason, Gus stepped out of retirement a couple of years later. 
He started playing small tournaments and is now, once again, able to finance his life by playing poker. 
He currently lives in Monaco in the south of Europe and travels around the world playing poker. 
But he is looking for a new home in Denmark.

In October of 2020, Gus and his girlfriend Malan had a child. And it’s of course going to be interesting to see if the Great Dane can juggle both a massive poker comeback and his new life as a father.

But what a cool dad Gus must be.

Gus Hansen Kid

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Before losing everything, Gus Hansen built a massive brand and fortune playing poker.
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Doyle Brunson
Doyle Brunson

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Daniel Negreanu vs Doug Polk

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Interesting Facts About Poker to Tell Your Friends

Want to become a true poker connoisseur? Then take a good luck at some funny and interesting facts about poker that we have put together for you. Enjoy!

Evolution of Poker

Did you know that poker originated in America? It actually took birth in New Orleans, Louisiana. Nowadays, we know it as Texas Hold’em which is just besides Louisiana.

During its first years of development, it came apparent that there was a need for some kind of common currency. Poker chips replaced coins, gold etc. Till this day, poker chips are still used – but it is highly doubtful that they are fabricated the way they were, when they were first coined. Ivory, bone, clay and wood seems to have lost its grip in chips, but luckily poker has not lost its grasp on people.

From Underground to Television

Day by day, year by year, poker evolved. In 1973 it took a giant leap forward. For the first time ever The World Series of Poker was transmitted live from Las Vegas. Tennessee child, Walter “Puggy” Pearson, won $130.000 and the main event that year. Since that year, many more tournaments have been televised for the pleasure of people.

Bigger audience and more people watching poker, means more “eyes on the prize”. Luckily, there are plenty of combinations to go around.

There exists more than 300 million seven card poker hands. That is quite a few. That is just a few millions too many for pros to remember, but they still manage to get the edge on you. Sometimes. It is stated, that the best poker players only got five percent advantage on a skilled poker player.

Dirty Clothes

This is next to nothing, but if you learn to read your opponents? almost nothing might just be enough. It is said that leaning forward or backward is a tell-tell sign of a strong hand.

It is also said that some poker players play in dirty clothes out of shear superstition. SO be aware of your surroundings and smell your way around superstitious players looking for glory (and gold).

Do you know any interesting facts about poker? Comment down below or send us a massage. You can also check out our other blog post with more poker facts.

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Genius Poker Quotes

A lot has been said about poker. These are some of the best poker quotes ever said. Give it a read. You might earn a chip or two.

“You can shear a sheep a hundred times, but you can skin it only once.”
– Amarillo Slim Preston

Make them come back

What Preston means by this poker quote is to make your opponents come back for more. That is the essential point of Amarillo Slim Prestons quote. Beat your opponent, don’t intimidate them.
Bonus: I also heard this poker quote in Rounders and I don’t really know who said it first. 

“If you can’t spot the sucker in the first half hour at the table, then you are the sucker.”
– Mike McDermott

The Sucker

As Mike McDermott aka. Matt Damon says, someone is always the sucker at the table. This quote reminds us of exactly that. The question is: Are you fast enough to know if it is yourself who is the sucker?

“If there weren’t luck involved, I would win every time.”
– Phil Hellmuth

Everyone has been thinking this

Do not lie. If you have not heard it, read it or said it – you have definitely thought of it to yourself. Apparently, opponents luck is the only thing that stands between you and the pot (of gold).

“Poker is a lot like sex. Everyone thinks they are the best, but most don’t have a clue what they are doing.”
– Dutch Boyd

Probably true

Another way of saying “Fake it till you make it”.

“Poker is a skill game pretending to be a chance game.”
– James Altucher

Game of skill

Yes. It. Is. There is a human craft behind playing poker. You have know the mechanics of the game, but also how to read your opponent. Once you do, you will learn, that skills beat chance and pros beat noobs. It’s no coincidence that it’s always the same guys at the finale table.

Poker Night with Friends

Make your own Poker Quotes

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